Sunday, August 31, 2014

KISS Stamping

You may ask yourself what is a KISS stamping.  Well, it is a nice way of saying Keep It Simple Stupid.  So, saying kiss just makes it sound so much.   Sometimes we can turn stamping into a nightmare. I know I do because I don’t want the same stamping on each nail and yes you can go ahead and do a glitter accent nail but that gets boring sometimes. I used only two plates in which the images all went together and if you have seen the Pueen plates that are covered with designs I believe you will be seeing more of these stampings.  So,  I started with Colors by Llarowe unzipped.  I wore it for a couple of days and then did the stamping.





Now stamping with Pueen 26 an 39.




I used Konad purple and blue polish.  When stamping I have found that Konad is the best.  I did wear this manicure for another four days.   So, this was a very successful stamping and manicure for me and you can do the same.  I used to paint my nails everyday but right now I just find myself so tired it is a little harder.  So, give this a try sometime when you just have that busy week and want to change your polish.  Stamping takes minutes and the more you do it the easier clean up is.  If you want to see a You Tuber who is really good at going step by step on stamping tune into my favorite Youtuber soguesswhat11.

Ciao Bella,
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