Saturday, May 21, 2016

Way too long

I thought I would be back in about six months but I noticed my last post was in August.   That is completely shameful of me.   I have just been on a roller coaster since I had back surgery.   Needless to say I'm still not cured.   I'm kind of looking at two options right now another surgery or a machine  called a spinal cord stimulator.   Now this spinal cord stimulator her is the machine that the implant into your buttocks   With a long electrical wires that go your spinal cord.   Now here's the problem you have to take a psychological test to get the spinal cord stimulator her and since I was halfway to my Masters in psychology.   I know how to skew tests  except one.   With my depression I really don't know if this is really safe.   That's where I am right now.    I don't know what's going to happen keep you informed.

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