Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You might have seem this one coming.

I have been dealing with a lot of physical pain.  I have found out some information that is quite disturbing information about Texas.  Some of you know I have been wanting to go to California.  I want to start that process but first I really need to tend to medical issues. I will no longer be doing this blog. I am keeping my blog Knives, Depression and Nail Polish@blogspot.com.   You can see with what I'd doing on there.  I will be on Instagram and Pinterest ( you can't sot the addiction) and putting my too cents in at Facebook.  I'll be reading your blogs.  I just won't be doing these posts.  So many of you have been so wonderful. Thank you.

Ciao for now, Bella,
Patty Greenberg

Sunday, April 20, 2014

a England She Walks in Beauty

This is an older polish from a-England.  I wore it the other day and gorgot how much I love a-England.  I hope out with a spring line.  The ballerina collection was a bit of a flop.  They really haven't really had a line that has been as successful.  Revamping polishes just hasn't worked.  I think a beautiful pastel or just a neutral line would be great.  They haven't released anything like that.  So, a -England please give us some colors so we can collect more of your little gems.






Saturday, April 19, 2014

Updated Hall Pass From February

I was trying to update this but had to go through live writer and it forces me to put it in on this date. I realized that the hall passes had more pictures and my poor Sebastian only one picture not fair so here are some more.  He is just so cute.  Yes, if you read the post before this I am in major back pain and all I can do is fantasize so I do spend time just looking.   
You might notice Hall Pass of the Month.  I think everyone knows what a hall pass is.  My husband woke up the other day and said he was dreaming that you were leaving me for one of your old boyfriends.  I just laughed and thought to myself been there done that so I thought of my hall passes and told him the only person I would have a fun afternoon with is one my hall passes.  I am very serious.  I live in Houston and I don't even see attractive men.  All the time I spend at doctors offices and hospitals and here and there and nothing.  So, I thought it would be cute to have a hall pass of the month.  I'll pick the first one and you all will pick the rest.
So, most of you probably don't know Sebastian Ruili.  He has been on my list for eight long years.  He is a Spanish novella star currently starring in Lo Que La Vida Me Robo as Alejandro Almonte.  This  show is more popular than any American show right now.  It so good.  I only can dream that mine will come close. He is currently single and 35 years old.  Good age.  There is just something about him. 
Alejandro 1
Have to have the chest shot
In one of his first telenovelas called Pasion.  If you like telenovelas and haven’t seen this one you gotta see it.

I love when he looks a little nerdy.

Lack of Posts Beware of Steroids

I knew I said I was going to keep health issues to another blog but when something like has just happened to me I feel compelled to share this information because these are procedures mainly performed on women. It is the dreaded steroid shot.  Women appear to be more likely to get sent to a pain management doctor for certain arthritic pain.  I know when I had my first son  during labor there was severe pressure on my back because he was coming out face up.  I was so tiny weighing a mere 95 lbs when I was three months pregnant.  I gained 60lbs with all my pregnancies but because I was so young I recovered quickly.  It was my daughter who gave me major problems gestational diabetes and major back problems.  I spent everyday in the pool like a beached whale because my back hurt.  After she was born I did not recover as well I got down to 130.  Was ok there.  Got divorced and lost 10 lbs.  Got remarried and gained 20.  But still I was ok.  I stayed at around 140 for years until steroids came into my life and I gained like 30 lbs but then there was Lyrica which added 20.  Now, I am at 190.  That was not ok.  I never got back.  I ended up at 170.  I accepted it but consistently felt like I was dieting.  Then nervous breakdown which put on 20.  I ended up at 190 again but dieting got me back to 170.  Now, I've had some serious back problems.  I let this doctor hit me eight times with steroids each time in a different place promising relief.  I haven't gotten it and now the SOB has decided he can no longer treat me because I took two extra  pain pills in a month.  I am really frustrated and in bed a lot.  Last night we went to Temple and BAM!  I hit a hole in the concrete and fell flat on my ass.  Not good.  I got up and thought I was ok.  I should have just stayed there and let paramedics pick me up.  So, I am going to head to the hospital soon.  I just should have never gotten up.  I am going to post two posts I had scheduled for tomorrow and Monday today and hopefully I will be home tonight.  I've just been going through this steroid crap for a couple of months.  Oh, and while I been waiting downloading pictures for next month's possible Hall pass I updated February because poor Sebastian, I only gave you one pic.  That is not fair so look for that too. 
If I the doctors decide to finally surgically fix my problem which is what I need.  I will still send some post from bed.  My husband will just have to learn how to take pics.  He owes me since he has been a real dope for the last six months.  Now, that he is in another job he trying so hard but NO,  I owe him two months of misery and if he can handle it then he will be back in my good graces.  If I have surgery I can't have sex for a while anyway.  I know against what said on Facebook when I said that denying your husband sex when you are mad also denies you, so make up and make love.

Ciao for now,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Winning Polish

One night I was on Facebook and Polish Addicts was having a give away and I won it.  Just like that.  No rafflecopter or anything other that leaving a comment saying I want that polish.  This polish is a glitter bomb.  It has glitters that are huge and it is just a fun polish to have.  I was so happy when I won it.  The name of the polish is Keep Calm, I Am a Polish Addict by Polish Addict.  I used Cashmere Bathrobe as my bottom coat but just think of the possibilities with this polish all the different colors you could use. 
What color would you use with this polish?
Ciao for now,

The Difference Between Men and Woman

So, this is KB  Shimmer’s Autumn’s Collection, You Autumn Know.  So, I have been wearing this polish for week and  have done nothing to“fluff” it up.  So, I was looking at the polish and decided what should I name the post then it hit me.  I decided to call it the difference between man and woman and this is why.   My husband told me I really like that polish.  I agreed and that even though it was a fall polish.  I though I would play a little mind game with him.  I asked him what color glitters were in the polish.  He said red, purple, and yellow.
Ask a girl and it is a crelly with gold, fuchsia, copper, and lavender holographic glitter.  Yeah, that’s the difference.  The details.  Women look at details.  We are sensitive and observant and if men only realized how much we are like this then they could understand us.  Because we have them figured out food, football and cars.  I had a friend who we where we could be talking at the same time and know exactly we were saying.  Men can’t do that.  Just remember they are the simple ones of the species.
Ciao Bella,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winner of Giveaway

The winner of the giveaway is Jeanette Dorta.  If you have ever had a giveaway, she really helps promote them by twitting everyday and posting in herFacebook page.
Congratulations, Jeanette!
Patty Greenberg 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hall Pass of The Month

It is that time of the month.  Hall Pass. We hate saying bye to Charlie but he is will still always be there. We all know this one the bad boy of Maroon 5's singer. People's Sexiest Man Alive.  Adam Levine.  We watch him almost every Monday on The Voice.  I know I keep up too much with the singing.  I like the judges comments and if you are a on The Voice, a girl and Adam's chair is turned around and don't go on his team, you know what I call you stupid.  I would rehearse with him 24 hours a day.  I just love bad boys.  Especially ones who drive motorcycles.  I remember dumping someone and road off in a motorcycle down the beach wearing nothing but an itty bitty bikini.  He had been buying me drinks ( now shame on you not all drinks are alcoholic).   I had no idea he drove a book but when asked me to take a ride and saw that bike, well, I couldn't say no.  I love the pictures I found of Adam.  And what about the video "Moves Like Jagger".  If you haven't seen it, it is so cool.  So, without further ado:

Adam Levine

I am just going to say one thing.  This guy does't take a bad picture.

Ciao, Bella,