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Monday, October 22, 2012

KB Shimmer Elle Revisited

I know that I have reviewed this one but when I did I put no panties on it and I am totally convinced that a lot of polishes need panties.  I used American Apparel Echo Park .   I went to American Apparrel today to buy some polish.  I really like their polish because of the fact that they have a thick consistancy and need only one coat when you are using as panties.  Plus they have some great colors and if you go to the store right now and sign up to be on their mailing list you get a free polish.  Can’t beat that.  Free and yes I did go get my Free panties from Victoria's Secret but did take advantage of the $10.00 of a bra.  Might as well.  When I had my gall bladder removed, God bless my mother but she did all my laundry and I REALLY HATE anyone to do my laundry because they don’t take care of my clothes the way I do.  I have jeans that are still in style, they still fit and look brand new because of the way I do my laundry.  I am a bit of a cheap skate like I said yesterday but I want to take care of my things so I don’t need to replace them and spend money on the same thing over and over.  Like I never put my bra’s in the dryer because of the underwire but my mom does not care.  She hangs things inside down and I am looking for some of my winter clothes and I can’t find them.  I actually had a shirt that was lost in my own apartment because someone did my laundry.   I found it but lost another one.  I hate it.  My husband does not know this but the polish room is going to have all my stuff in it.  My clothes, makeup, shoes and handbags.  I’ve been working on slowly moving everything and have definitely been doing my manicures in there but I have a question?  What is your blogging routine.  I like to spend the day in there and come up with ideas right them down and do two or three manicures in one day but I have been getting headaches every day.  Could it be the acetone?





This is Elle without panties.  I think it looks much better with the grey underneath.  JUst showing that when you have polishes like this a pair of panties does make a difference.  I can see the difference and I am going to make sure I put a color underneath that comes close to my indies just to bring out the beautiful color in these polishes.
Ciao, bellas,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

KB Shimmer

Put your sunglasses on because I have three KB Shimmer polishes to use.  These are some of my favorite polishes and even though she was restocked today.  I had most of the ones that were restocked.  Christy is the creater of these polishes and she is doing a great job in coming up with new and interesting polishes.  For me, I will not be able to afford Lynderella anymore.  I have four bottles and that is it but now there are so many indies doing polish as well or better so, I wish Ms. Lynderella lots of luck and to continue being prosperous selling her nail polish for $65.00 a bottle.  Here is a great substitution and without having to wait five months to get your polish.

kbshimmer 9

kb shimmer3

kbshimmer 7

This is Elle.  I used a coat of Zoya Kristen.  Then two coats of Elle and what I really like about Christy’s polishes is that they dry really fast and when you put a top coat on it doesn’t move the move the glitter around.




This is watercolor.  I used Zoya Yummy as the bottom coat and two coats of watercolor and top coat.
Next is probably my favorite it is called Ring Master.

kb shimmer


Isn’t it gorgeous.  The color is so bright and the glitter moves smoothly as it goes on the nail.
So, there are three of the KB Shimmer’s I have..  Do you have a favorite and if you do which one is it?
Ciao bellas,