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Thursday, September 6, 2012

OPI Suedes

With summer coming to an end it is time to get sweaters and boots out of our closets make sure they are ready for the cold weather. It is also time to go and shake up those winter nail polishes so when we need them they are ready to go. I did that last night because seriously, I can't wait for the weather to cool down. It hit 107 here and that just is not good for me and my one lung. I get stuck inside all day so, yeah, I am looking forward to fall but even in fall it is in the 80's but it sure beats 107. So, these suede's came out a couple of years ago and no one really bought them. I did not until this year when I could see what you can to with them. I am dying for Lincoln Park After Dark and I got some surprise money for ad campaign I did so I will probably treat to myself to it. Not that I haven't already this week buying two Deborah Lippmann's but not at full price so that makes me feel better. I just have a problem paying full price for things. If you shop you will find what you want at a price that you really want. I have walked away from every car I have bought because the stupid car dealer would not sell me the car at the price I wanted, believe me they called back the next day and I had my car. Don't ever be scared to walk from something that you know is too expensive. You will find it at the price you want if you are patient. I guess that is some advice for the day.

This is OPI's Suzi Skis the Pyrenees, I is a charcoal gray.  Now we see all kinds of things being done with suede's, stampings, painting with clear polish to create different textures.  When these came out there wasn't a lot of nail art and think that is why they were passed by.

Next is We'll Always Have Paris.  I is a beautiful wine color and looks really pretty when stamped or just worn by itself.  Last year I stamped it with purple and it looked really pretty.  The great thing about these polishes is that they dry really fast.  I just feel a little weird about not wearing a top coat but if it bothers me too much I will put a matte coat just for protection.  You don't need acetone to take this off it slides off with a little polish remover.

The last is OPI ink.  It is a grayish blue.  Very pretty.  They called it Lincoln Park after Dark so I was a little upset when I got it but then fell in love with the color.  The color does not disappoint.

See, this is really pretty color.  I did not decorate them so that you could see how pretty just the way they are.
What do you think of suede's?  Do you have any?