Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuff Scent LOVE

Oh, this was the perfect Valentine’s Day polish.  The scent of rose is subtle and just beautiful and the color of this polish is like a perfect red.  It took 3 coats to reach opacity and dries in a normal amount of time because it does feel like it is a jelly but it isn’t.  I fell in love with this one but it wasn’t as strong as the cinnamon that I could taste in my mouth but I don’t think I would want the taste of rose in my mouth.  Like I said in the Kiss review if you are sensitive to smells this is not for you but if you love scented candles and potpourri  you’ve got to try at least one of these polishes an for $10.00 and free shipping It is worth it.
rose 12
Tuff Scents can be be purchased at their website Tuff Scents.
Ciao bellas,

Ciate Cream Soda

This is another Ciate that I picked up from Nordstrom but to be honest, I had to return it because it was almost a dupe for Lancôme Gris Angora that I had just bought.  I returned it for a gorgeous green which I have yet to post but watch for it soon.  The formula though was very good as I have found with most Ciate’s.    The color was great I guess that is why I bought it twice just different brands.  If you are in need of a color like this, this would be a good polish to have.



Looked cute with the Hello, Kitty ring.

So, what do you do if you buy a polish that is almost just like one you have do you keep it or go trade it?

Kimber’s Challenge A–Z Letter H

Well, this week I did not get my brand and polish name as an H.  I looked through all my Hits and not a one starts with an H.  So, I went to one of my favorite ‘H’ polishes I have and that is Orly’s Haley’s Comet sitting right next to it was Orly’s Halo.  So, I got an idea  and this is what I came up with.  Haley’s Comet is a comet that passes through the Earth’s atmosphere every 76 years.  I actually was alive the last time it passed through the atmosphere and it passes for around a week so if you don’t get to see it one night you always have the next night.  It passed in 1986 and it was a big deal.  I remember when I was in fourth grade a comet passed that only passes every like thousand years it won’t pass again in my lifetime yours, your children’s or even their children's.  But is is a big deal when you see these comet’s flashing through the sky at night.   We were camping and I am a little embarrassed to say that neither my brother-in-law or husband knew how to find the north star and had never heard of the big dipper.  I haven’t heard of any comets coming our way any time soon but maybe some of you will be alive when Haley’s Comet passes by sometime at the end of 2061.
What I did to achieve this look was painted my ring and middle finger with Halo and the rest with Haley’s Comet.  The using laser tape I just did some random stripes across the middle finger for the pinkie and pointer.  I put glequins on which were not that hard as long as you don’t use a fast drying topcoat,  use a regular one put them one and then you can put a fast dry top coat.  I got the glequins from the Born Pretty Store for  like $5.00 and I got twelve containers.  I am looking forward to using them again.  This was the first time I used them and was really surprised how easy they are to use.
So, it is Ciao for now,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuff Scents Kiss

This is the polish that smells great.  There are different scents.  If you are sensitive to scents this is not the polish for you.  This particular one is called Kiss and smells like cinnamon.  I absolutely love this one because my MAOI leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth a side effect of the medication so the smell is great because I can actually taste it in my mouth.  I really like that.  The color is also really a Patty color since it is a nude.  These polishes are $10.00 at their website Tuff Scents.  I have a red Rose one and the scent is lighter.  I have it scheduled to be reviewed next week.  but like I said if scents bother you this is not for you.  if you love scented candles, potpourri or any scented items you will love this polish.




So, as you can tell this is a taupe shimmer and really would look pretty good on any skin tone.  The formula on this is great.  Two coats for opacity but dry time is just a hair longer.  Then one coat of top coat and the scent lasted longer than twenty four hours and I didn’t have that gross bitter taste in my mouth instead I just had the taste of cinnamon.  It was really great.   I ordered two more just because I had such good luck with the cinnamon, the rose did not give the same effect.  So, I am just thinking that maybe this only happens with the spicy ones.  I’ll find out and let you all know.  But check out their website, it won’t hurt unless you spend money you shouldn’t.  Oh, and shipping is free which is always a plus for me.
If you have anymore questions about this product.  Feel free to email and not just this product any product I review.  Sometimes, I don’t think of something and leave it out so I want you to feel free to contact me.  If I don’t know the answer.  I will do my best to find out.  I know sometimes you don’t want to leave a comment when you really have a question so shoot me an email and I’ll tell you what I know.

Ciao for now,

Friday, February 22, 2013

OPI Oz Review

Ok, I swore I was not going to buy anything from this collection but I figured two were not going to kill me.  I bought Glints of Gilda and When Monkey's Fly.  For the first time I am going to really advise everyone from buying When Monkey's Fly Unless you have some magic way of getting glitter not to curl.  I tried everything and those sucker just kept curling.  I have contacted the person I bought it from and they are taking it back.  I really am thinking of writing to OPI and telling them they need to pull the whole lot and believe me I will.  That is how much trouble I had with this polish.  I smashed it I put three coats of top coat and it is still curled as you will see in the pictures.  Now, Glints of Glinda is a jelly polish not my favorite but I did fall in love with this one.  It is a neutral bordering more on yellow than pink but it did take four coats to reach opacity and that might have been my fault because I really did not wait long enough for the first coat to dry but other wise it is really pretty.  I have some gold glitter and can always franken some multicolor glitter to get the same effects of When Pigs Fly.  I am excited to see the movie and happy with my purchase of Glints of Gilda.  The other polishes are just too much like last year's New York Ballet so not interested.  So, first I'll show you Glints of Glinda

See, this is a really pretty color, like I said more yellow than pink.  That doesn't mean I don't like nudes with more pink that yellow.  I am just saying this is really nice and then to ruin it with When Monkey's Fly is a crime.

This is what it looks like on.  Horrid!

Warning this is the bottle in comes in and it looks so pretty.

Closeup.  Look at all that curling

A totally ruined manicure!  And I was a little upset because it does take a while for  Glints of Gilda to dry.

Here it is swatched on next to  It is not like OPI does not know how to make glitter polish.  They do but When Monkey's Fly Is a BIG failure.

So, overall, I like Glints of Glinda but stay away from When Monkeys fly.  It is a gold glitter with some colored glitter find something else similar that I am sure you have somewhere and use that save your money there is no fix to this polish unless you know something I don't and if you do fill me in because I have always heard that curling glitter cannot be fixed and if the fix is turning them around.  I just don't have the time.  So thumbs up for Glints of Glinda and thumbs way down for When Monkey's Fly.

Ciao for now,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Piggy Forget About Kermit, Cookie Monster is Your Man


So, I finally got the ok to eat a little milk chocolate and I do love chocolate chip cookies but I have to sneak them because I am only supposed to have two a day.  No Cookie Monster here but I can wear it on my nails and I love it.  But I was thinking as I was taking these pictures that Miss Piggy really needs to forget about that slimy Frog and go for Cookie Monster.

th[5]          piggy

She is always trying to seduce Kermit and he never responds.  All Piggy would have to do is put some cookies in some strategic places and she might be a very happy pig and not go off on those rants she goes on as often as she does.  Just thinking. 
Ok, to this beautiful polish. this is Cookie Monster by Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  It is loaded with glitter at the top of the bottle which is wow.  On some big glitters you need to wait till the second use to really get the glitter easily.  This one is not like that it also dries fast.  So, it is loaded with cookie monster blue glitter and white glitters.  They are matte but with top coat they shine.  I used Zoya’s Blu from the Lovely Collection and then one coat of Cookie Monster to get the look. 




So, if you like this polish you can purchase them at Pam’s website on Facebook.   She has several other polishes and if you like this one you will love her other ones.  I usually buy her whole collections because I love them so much

Kimber's Challenge Letter G

Not sure I made my little game but I am good as far as the challenge goes. Today, I have Glitter Gal Mossy Green. I bought it a while back to do a gradient with Nubar's Reclaim. I never posted it but it came out ok. I don't think I was blogging yet so I might give it another try. So here is Mossy Green from Glitter Gal. I have nothing witty to say since this color is Mossy Green what can you say about mossy green?

Can you think about anything funny about Mossy Green?
Ciao for now,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zoya Joy and Jo

To say that last month we were not inundated with Zoya would be an understatement.  It seems like everywhere I turned Zoya was on sale or at a reduced price which suited me fine. I know right off the bat I bought both the Pixie Dust which I have yet to share and are sitting in my computer waiting to get cropped and the Lovelys which I did post earlier this month. But even with ordering those I found some on eBay and amazon at a great price.  So, I did go wild on Zoya last month.  I hope I get a chance to show them all by the end of the month.  For some reason I have not received mail since Saturday.  So everything I have ordered might be here tomorrow and I have to say I am a little scared.  I have my polish room almost up to being photographed.  I've been working on that and inventory and getting polish  together for a blog sale.  It is a little harder than I thought, but I am not stressing and that is good.
This first polish is called Jo. It is a light blue definitely more on the red than the purple side.  When I wore it , I just kept thinking ok the possibilities with this polish.  I could dress it up with a silver tip.  Or draw flowers, laser tape with a blue gradient.  I love to recycle and this one is perfect for that if that is something you do.  The quality of the polish was perfect dried quickly and smoothly.   It did not drip down my nail causing flooding at my cuticle.  i hate when new polish does that.  I had no problems with this polish.






 This is Joy and she is a really pretty one.  I thought of my daughter when I painted this color for the reason that, this is not really red but would look great with it .  My daughter would never wear a bright red even if she was wearing all red because even though she likes it she does not like the way it looks on her hands.  I will wear just about any color and make it work but not her.  I thought this is a good color for the younger girl who wants to wear red but Mom won't let her or anyone who doesn't wear red this is a perfect place to start.  I know growing up there was a stigma if you wore red nail polish so we tended to avoid it.  But today every thing goes and as far as the beauty arena.  I think we have seen the most changes with nails because let's just face it MAC came out with a black lipstick and it looks ugly.  Even blue lipstick. Unless it is Halloween or some costume party those colors don't look good but we can't say the same for nails.  Anything goes and we like it.  Yes, we are polish addicts and no one needs to know.  They just know our nails always look damn good.







Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore For Valentine’s Day

I realize I never showed my Valentine’s Day manicure.  You might be expecting more but this is what I really wore. 



I don’t always stamp.  Sometimes a polish is so pretty when I put it on I just can’t stamp it.   I wore this and the next day stamped black tips on it and it looked really good.  I love this color it is a perfect night time winter shade it is called Cabernet by Ciate`.  I love the smoothness and how quickly it dries.  It does remind me a lot of the Lancôme polish that I fell in love with.  I compare this also to Butter London same price almost the same formula but there are colors that Ciate has that Butter London does not.  So, this was my Valentine’s Day manicure simple and no bells and whistles.




Even though we only celebrate it Valentine’s Day.  I always say any day can be Valentine’s Day.  The more good loving days you have the better your life is going to be.  I will be posting the giveaways for the week tomorrow.  I am in the process of updating the page and enter the ones you want.  Don’t think you can’t win.  I won one this week.   Last month I think I won about the.  Yes, they take time but enter the ones that you like the prize and believe me sooner or later you will win.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week.
Ciao for now,