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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Zoya BOGO Haul

I was really excited when Zoya did their bogo sale and ended up getting six polishes.  I happy with all of them except maybe one.  But I love they way they arrived quickly and without any hassle.  So, here were my pics from the BOGO sale.

The first one is called Story and it is a light frosty blue.  It is really reminds me of OPI Un-forgretable.


Next, I have Daul which I think is my favorite because of the duochrome in it.  it is a little pink/ purple with a gold duochrome.


The third one is Elisa.  It is a red with some frost in it and a really pretty red that you can wear for anything.


The fourth is Fei Fei, it is kind of weird.  I don't know if it is green or silver, yet it is still pretty.

The next is a really pretty purple called Suvi.  It has a slight frost and is a two coater


The sixth one is Frida.  It is a jelly and takes a long time to dry.  I'll be making some jelly sandwiches with this one.



Overall, these are some great polishes they go on well and dry pretty fast except for the jelly.  I am happy with my selections and can't wait to use them.
Which is your favorite from the new Zoya line?
Ciao bellas,
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