Friday, May 31, 2013

Kimber’s A-Z Challenge Letter U

Today’s letter is U so I am using Jade’s Uau!  which means WOW in Portugese and they are serious when they named this wow.  The holo in this polish is amazing.  It is like wearing melted copper on your fingers.  It just glows.  Pictures can never quit capture the beauty of this polish.  This is one of my favorite polishes.  It is still available at Ninja Polish but there is always a waiting list for this one it can also be found on Llarowe and at $8.00 it is a bargain.  So if you like this keep an eye out for it.
Next week is V.  I am covered there not covered for X yet.  Yicks.

Ciao bellas,

Crumpet’s Tri-Color Challenge Day 4

Today, I did  a cloudicure.  I think that is what they are calling it.  I am loving this manicure.  It is so easy and looks pretty and feminine.  I it also looks like a woman who wears this likes some color without going crazy but cares about fashion.  I am assuming most of you know how to create this look but if you don’t here is how you do it.  Just paint usually the lightest color then a second if needed.  Then you use your next color and paint as close to the top of the left side of the nail making sure to expose the grey.  Then another stripe a tad lower and then the third one lower also.  Repeat with the third color.  You can use more colors is you wish but it is a little harder to make sure you are getting all the colors in now maybe I could put another color in but for the last week I have had to paint my right hand because all the nails on my swatching had are tiny numbs so I have had to overcome that challenge but I see a lot of stuff on YouTube and wonder can you do that with your less dominant hand?  If you can’t then you can only paint someone else’s and the rest is for show.  If I can’t do it on my right hand why do it because then I can never wear that design so I always make sure I know I can do both hands.   So, give this one a try and you look like you did something really neat with your nails but only you really know how easy it was.








Tuesday, May 28, 2013

17 Carrots

This polish should maybe be called 17 carats just because of the shine.  As with all polishes by Whimsical Ideas they have a certain something that sets them aside from the rest.  For one the bottles are so cute and I admire the person who is patient enough to put them on but there is something else about these polishes, they are so pretty.  I wore it yesterday and woke up this morning to take pictures only to realize that I am retaining water so please excuse the fingers and focus on the nails.  The polish is set in a crelly like form but dries pretty fast and it has orange glitter and just the faintest amount of black glitter as if you had just pulled this delectable root from the ground.  It kind of reminds me of Gone with the Wind when Scarlett finds that carrot and chows it down and says, “As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again”.    One of my favorite movies. 
So, what I did with this particular polish was use one coat of Zoya’s Amy and two coats of 17 Carrots and Julep polymer top coat ( I really like that stuff).  It went on like a dream and dried in record time.  I took a shower 30 minutes after putting it on and I had no problem so it was really dry.  I think that is one of the qualities that Pam has been able to achieve is like I said when I reviewed Once Upon a Time.  The dry time is quick and it is a solid dry not a goopy one and I think that is one of the reasons I just love her polish.  So, here are the pictures.  I took many because it was so easy to photograph but I will only post about five.
I was going to put a matte coat on to see what it looked like but I completely forgot.  Next time I wear it I plan to matte it out so I will post those pictures soon.  I think it would look really good matted also.
Ciao for now,

Goldie went to the Beauty shop

Goldie went to the beauty shop and shyly posed for these pictures.  She has been really good but with spring here she has allergies and can’t stand being outside for very long unless we are in the car.  She is beach ready with her bathing suit and new sailor dress which she did not let me put on for these pictures.  She said she needed a post at least once in a while so I obliged.  Here is my co-editor and best friend, Goldie.
Patty and Goldie

Crumpet’s Tri Color Challenge Day 3

So, this is my entry for day 3.  What I did for this manicure was a gradient using grey and blue and then placed red dots on the nails.  It was a pretty easy manicure but it was time consuming but the results look pretty good.
day 31
Ok, all caught up.  Check out what the other girls came up with.  Don’t forget we will post again on Thursday so drop by one of our sites to see all the Crumpet Tarts.
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Crumpet’s Tri Color Challenge Day 2

Ah, this catches me up.  I did not put a picture of the polishes I was using.  I decided to the American Apparel brand because they stamp pretty easily.  They are called
From the left:  Passport Blue, Echo Park and Downtown LA.
For this manicure I painted my nails with the grey, stamped with blue and put a red bow on the top left corner. 
That is it for today, be back tomorrow with Day 3

Monday, May 27, 2013


Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Serendipity as “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”.  This has happened many times in history and it happened to me on Saturday when I was doing my nails for the next day.  I wear my indies a lot on the weekends because I am not sure what I am going to do or wear but I have some idea.  Going through my indies I found and older polish from Daring Diva called Celery Stalk and said bingo.  This will be perfect.  I had only worn it once and I am trying to wear my older polish more often.  Now I had been looking for a color to wear Once Upon a Time from Whimsical Ideas by Pam but never found the right color.  After putting Celery Stalk on it just did not have the amount of glitter I wanted.  I had Once Upon a Time on  my work desk for  most of the week trying to find just the right color.  I put one coat on and BINGO!  It was like they were made for each . Now, I have to say one thing about these glitter tops, they are great because they do almost work as a topcoat.  They dry fast and to a hard finish not like some others that have a long dry time.  I do recommend top coat just to keep everything in place but this formulas is almost like a topcoat with glitter.  Fast dry time, I love that.  I used my Julep polymer top coat and it was perfect.   I was really happy with the outcome and was sad to take it off today but it just did not go with what I was going to wear.   Today I wore 17 Carrots also from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  I will have those swatches and review tomorrow.   I was really happy and did find myself staring at my nails several times during the day.  So, here are the pictures.  See what you think.
Ciao for now,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crumpet’s Tri-Color Challenge Colors Red, Blue and Grey

I know I am so behind and if you saw how many mani’s I have you would freak.  Last week was just bad.  I don’t know how doctors say you can have a colonoscopy and go to work the next day.  I literally slept till Wednesday and on Wednesday I still was taking Motrin for residual pain.  He did say I had the colon of a 20 year old.  I don’t know if that is a compliment.  But the worse part of the whole thing was wearing a diaper.  You know life is really a cycle you are born you know nothing, you learn that crying gets attention,  you can’t speak you have no memories, you can’t control your bowels and you sleep a lot.  Well, that is what it is like getting older.  My family has something that almost everyone lives into their 90’s.  So, I have seen, the diapers, the screaming, the forgetfulness, not being able to walk another aspect of being a child.  So, wearing that diaper was just the worse for me.  I did feel a little traumatized.  So, on Wednesday, I go to therapy and did not do anythng the whole while with no polish.  My nails broke on my right hand all of them.  I kind of got to therapy and was thinking this is such a waste of time today, usually it is very proactive but we ended up spending 15 minutes talking about Jodi Arias.  My therapist has known me for eight years as I have seen her off and on but she could tell I had taken a beating.  Finally Thursday, I was up early and did do a couple of posts but boy had gotten about four new bottles of polish and was dying to try them on.  I did get my two tri colors to catch up and tomorrow will do Tuesdays.  So,  I am going to have them just won’t be caught up until Tuesday.  So enough rambling.
I love the colors that Debbie chose for this challenge because they are solid basic colors that if they mix they won’t necessarily make some ugly brown.  I used all American Apparel Nail Polishes and did a color block.  I had never really done one that had to be precise so I was amazed at how easy it was especially being able to use the striper.  This is something I would wear because the colors go well together and I know part of the challenge is making the colors look somewhat decent and the prior colors were a challenge I just think these are great solid colors and I am still thinking, thank you Debbie for giving us an easy one this time around.
Hope you like.
Ciao for now,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Glazed Talon's giveaway link

Friday, May 24, 2013

Kimber's Challenge A-Z Letter T

I cannot believe we are at T already.   It has been a great ride but is going to start to get interesting especially for X  I wish Zoya was a little Hispanic friendly and had a Ximena because that is the only place I would think I might be able to find an X but I guess there are other options.  So, for T I chose another Zoya.  This one is called Tinsley and it was a color I wanted but chose Amy and then got the second chance to order so I was able to order Tinsley
Ciao bellas,

Kimber's Challenge A-Z Letter R

I know this is late but I don't want to skip one letter so I am going to share my R.  I chose Rikki because I love this color.   Essie Rae at IHeart Pretty Polish always can find a dupe and found Hard Candy's Crushed by Ivy as a dupe for this particular polish.  I might have to pick up a bottle just for an extra.  So here is Rikki.

Ciao bellas,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Butterfly Effect

Poor Butterfly Effect it seems to have done as well as Mariah Carey's movie Glitter.  The thing about this polish is that it does have some redeeming qualities.  For instance the formula is really good but you do need three coats for full opacity.  It does have some shimmer and the color is in the cool range.  It will probably look good on any skin tone also.  So, if you see it some where give it a second look you might like it and I hate to say this but you can probably pick it up on sale somewhere.