Sunday, May 18, 2014

KB Shimmer Summer 2014 Swatches and Reviews ( Warning Pic Heavy)

Press Sample
I was so happy when I decided not to give up blogging and then right away got a letter announcing the new line.  I knew I was making the right decision plus now with a professional journalist.  My daughter has agreed to do a guest post next month. She will be choosing the hall pass.  So, I am just really excited.  Christy also gave us the opportunity to choose the ones we wanted.  I was allowed to choose six and I really got some that I I don’t have many like and there is one other one I really like.  So, Christy did warn that the solids did take a while to dry.  I thought oh no.  It wasn’t that bad especially because I had missed my telenovela for two days, so I did one hand, then another while I watched the second.




Low and be Bold was my first choice mainly because I don’t have this color and think it will be great for my the polish rainbow.  It was sooth likes the ones from the last collection but these are Jellies and did take a while to dry but like I said I just put on a telenovela.




Royal as Reign lives up to it’s name.  It is that deep royal purple.  It does give you a little royal feeling when wearing it.    This one is a jelly so it does have a longer dry time that the other others don’t have.  Jellies need that extra time though to dry so can look good.  Now, I did come up with a really neat trick to getting perfect jelly nails.  I plan to share that with you this week. 



There was no way I was getting past not getting this one.  It is called Goldie Rules and yes my co-editor is getting so lazy but she is so loveable.  As soon as my husband leaves for work she nuzzles  into the area by  my stomach or the space behind my legs when I lie down.  The good thing is that she sleeps in her bed at night.  So my Husband and I are getting much better night sleeps.




Let’s Not Coral is just a regular crème polish.  This is my everyday favorite.  It is just so pretty because it is really has a lot of pink in it.  I didn’t have any problems with this one.  Because I made nail decals.  I am really excited to share this with everyone but this was my first trial.  I am thinking that you need to place a coat of  top coat down before you actually start adding colors.




She Tweaks Out is a textured polish.  It dries super fast and two coats is all you need.  I like the matte finish but I know some of you will want to see it with  a shiny coat on top.  So, her it is.



And here is the last color.




Run it is the Coppers a gorgeous peach holographic.  I have one from Cirque Polish in Cypress but this one from KB Shimmer I think is a better formula at a much better price.  It is pretty pigmented so two or three coats is ok.  This one goes on smoothly and dries quickly.

Theses polishes go on sale May 23, 2014 at KB Shimmer
Ciao Bella,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hall Pass of the Month

This month’s Hall Pass is Jessie Williams from Grey’s Anatomy where he plays Dr. Jefferson  Avery.   He had a really  brave moment this month when he ran off with the bride April  who he was fooling around with before she decided to marry poor ambulance driver


So, what make this man so sexy?  His voice, his eyes and let me say those are some beautiful eyes.  He plays the shy game and when he is out with you that is exactly what it is he is with you.   Grey’s Anatomy scored a winner in this.  I know what else is in his resume but to me that just doesn’t matter this man just has that it factor.





Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Never Can Say Goodbye

After some very boring time, I realized, I can't stop.  And have you seen the new summer collections?    I feel so left out and miss doing this.  I will be having back surgery sometime by the end of the month.  I even have the hall pass.  It's just too much fun and I really need this in my life.
I' m back!