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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kimber’s Challenge A–Z Letter H

Well, this week I did not get my brand and polish name as an H.  I looked through all my Hits and not a one starts with an H.  So, I went to one of my favorite ‘H’ polishes I have and that is Orly’s Haley’s Comet sitting right next to it was Orly’s Halo.  So, I got an idea  and this is what I came up with.  Haley’s Comet is a comet that passes through the Earth’s atmosphere every 76 years.  I actually was alive the last time it passed through the atmosphere and it passes for around a week so if you don’t get to see it one night you always have the next night.  It passed in 1986 and it was a big deal.  I remember when I was in fourth grade a comet passed that only passes every like thousand years it won’t pass again in my lifetime yours, your children’s or even their children's.  But is is a big deal when you see these comet’s flashing through the sky at night.   We were camping and I am a little embarrassed to say that neither my brother-in-law or husband knew how to find the north star and had never heard of the big dipper.  I haven’t heard of any comets coming our way any time soon but maybe some of you will be alive when Haley’s Comet passes by sometime at the end of 2061.
What I did to achieve this look was painted my ring and middle finger with Halo and the rest with Haley’s Comet.  The using laser tape I just did some random stripes across the middle finger for the pinkie and pointer.  I put glequins on which were not that hard as long as you don’t use a fast drying topcoat,  use a regular one put them one and then you can put a fast dry top coat.  I got the glequins from the Born Pretty Store for  like $5.00 and I got twelve containers.  I am looking forward to using them again.  This was the first time I used them and was really surprised how easy they are to use.
So, it is Ciao for now,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Polish of Day 13 Orly's Halley's Comet

Orly's Halley's Comet came out one or two years ago as part of a series of polishes that included the now wildly famous Space Cadet, which is a beautiful color.  I had this polish in my cart on Ebay and Amazon.  It was $11.00 on Ebay and $14.00 on Amazon.  I checked every day to see if the price would go down but no chance.  Then this weekend I went to Ulta and found this polish and it was only $10.00.  The icing was if you buy two you get one free and I had a $5.00 off coupon.  I grabbed and got two other polishes that I had in my ebay cart and went to pay.  I got a good deal on it now I just need one to complete the set but there is another Ulta I can go check out to see if they have it then I would have the set although I am not sure how much it is on ebay but I have to use the $5.00 off coupon by the 20th of October.  So, Halley's comet is a teal that when it grabs the light it turns yellow it is something like Sweet Peacock but with a duo chrome.

The colors in the polish do look different but it is the same polish it is just that this is a duo chrome and different camera angles gave me different colors.  Do you like duo chromes or do you just like your polish to stay one color?

Ciao bellas,