Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Checking in.

I know I haven't done a post in a while but honestly there has been so much going on in my personal life it has my head spinning.  My health has been bad.  As some of you might know long term illness leads to depression.  I can't say I am but sometimes my pain overwhelms me. My camera has also been broken.  I have come to my hometown for a month just for som R&R.  Now I have been doing this for several years and I am not perfect but I got the nastiest comment ever.  Nobody has to read a blog to criticize it this is a very bitter person and all I can say is that I am going to pray for them.  It was hurtful and i know that this person is not a regular blog reader but if you have recently got a very nasty comment please contact me.  i am pretty sure this was totally directed to me but if thid person's eyes wondered into another blog with intentions of insulting.  Then we can take action against this person.  Sorry that my first post after so long is so negative but I don't want someone else getting hurt over a person who seems to have a personal agenda against me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hunk of the Month

Some material in this post may not be suitable for young children


A reader did suggest a hunk of the month but since April was my birthday month and it was horrible.  I decided I would do one of my all time hunks.  Next month, I will do the reader hunk.  Another reason I did not do him was because I don’t know anything about him and haven’t had any time to research him. 

Now, maybe five years ago or more I would have just grossed out to Mr. Ferrell but he has made a major change in becoming a father, laying low in the press and no scandals.  I think his management company threatened to fire him if he did not clean up his act.  Well he has and for the better.  This is the ultimate bad boy.  He is the guy that picks you up on his bike and takes you right on his bike.  I need my back fixed!  So, that is my fantasy with Colin.  He has swagger but he is no longer the drunkened idiot he used to be.  Plus I have heard really fills his Calvins.  I am sure if you search the web you can find some frontal on this man. 

So, now if you interview Colin you are going to get a well groomed quite intelligent man.   To me the most attractive thing about a man is his voice and his mind.  I know I talk about other things but I have dated really good looking guys that are just dumb as a rock.   After I graduated I made it a point to only date college graduates so at that time I did think Colin was a fool but he has done a 180 and for these reasons.  I chose Colin Ferrel for the hunk of the month.

  If you want someone as your hunk of the month email me at and on the subject line just put hunk.  This year I want your hunks on this blog.




Colin 3


Colin 5







Colin 10



So cute.



Monday, May 4, 2015


Good evening ladies,
Sorry it has been so long since I have done a post but it seems I am on a merry-go-round and it just won't stop.  It turns out that my second double surgery was not a success.  Not enough to get me back to my regular self.  I still have a nerve pinched and have incredible pain.  The good thing is that Norco which is an addictive opiate really doesn't work so I don't take it as prescribed.  I did develop a nasty opiate addiction after a long illness several years ago.  I had to go through medical detox.  I don't want that again.  So, that is what happened in March and April.  I had to get new MRI's, ex-rays, and nerve conduction studies.  So I want to reach out to you and ask if anyone knows someone who has had this problem.  My symptoms pretty much remain the same the only thing that was healed was the rubber band sensation and the rocks in the bottom of my feet however; the rocks have turned to cotton but still it hurts.  I am taking it in stride and trying not to get depressed but I did find that for me Neurontin a drug that is sometimes used as a psychotropic does elevate my mood keeping my depression at bay but very sleepy.  Now, that's not all I actually had two cancer scares.  In my MRI they found a very large cyst on my only ovary.  I thought this is great.  I had a hysterectomy in 1999.  I did it mainly so I would not get cancer there and also because I had fibroids or very heavy periods.  My wonderful gyno decided it would be good to leave an ovary in so I would not have to take hormones.  What a nice guy.  So, now I have this mass on my ovary.  I have to have it checked great no cancer it's just the worse thing menopause.  I can't even tell if I have any symptoms.  The only thing was just some night sweats.  Nothing else.  So, I am not going to take any hormones. Then I go get a mammogram and the letter is very confusing.  It sounds like they were not able to get good pictures.  Not my fault but it says they I need to call my gyno.  Luckily my gyno says everything is fine.  So, that is what has been going on.  I hope everyone is well.  I have only one post for tonight but a compare and contrast post for later in the week.
Ciao for now,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Me and This Army

I found this as I was merging old manicures because I was looking for one in particular to do another blog post.  I got this except Zoya Specials, so we can say that Llarowe is getting all my business and that is where I got this.  This color is really intriguing because it is green sometimes and grey others with a shimmer of purple which I could not pick up on camera.   It really is pretty the only problem I had was that it is a little sheer so I did use black as undies




Hope you like.

Ciao for now,

50 Shades of Blah

Now that I am back to blogging I just want to let you know that this is not going to be just a nail polish blog.  I am going to be doing more reviews of nail polish, makeup and even movies.  Think of it as a Glamour magazine in a blog.  I do want to say though that since the thing I buy the most of is nail polish you will still be seeing this the most.
So, this past weekend I went to see 50 Shades of Grey.  Holy cow.  I went very little information and I did not read the book but so that really makes me a better person to review this movie.
Ok, where do I start?
First and foremost the actor they chose was just not hot enough for me.  I was so sad when I heard Charlie Hunnam had dropped out.  I read an article that said he just was exhausted doing “Sons” and filming “50”.  So, I know they considered Alexander Skarsguaard but for some reason that never came to fruition.   So, I know some people do think this guy Jamie Dornan is cute but he is not manly he is boyish cute.  There was nothing special about his look.  I didn’t think he was really HOT!
Next we have Dakota Johnson.  Daughter to Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, who in their time were the most sexually promiscuous people in Hollywood.  Can I say they pretty much were sluts.  Now unfortunately sometimes the character of the parents rubs off on the children.    So, for this big movie you get their daughter to play a virgin.  She gave in so fast to sex that’s not really that normal for someone who has held their virginity that long.   The actress they chose again, we have a case of bad casting.  By the way Dakota you want to see a hot sex scene watch the episode of Sons where Tara grabs Jax and rips his shirt open and takes him on the bathroom counter knowing that her rival was come in and see them.  No nudity but that was hot!
The third problem was the actors themselves had no chemistry.  It is widely reported that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan actually hated each other, so in that climate it is hard to create chemistry unless you have seasoned actors which in this case both are very new to acting.  Kate Winslet and Leo DeCaprio, neither one gorgeous people,  but they had chemistry and that is why we fell for the love story.  We did not have any chemistry between these two actors.  Plus I heard Dakota Johnson making fun of Charlie Hunnam for dropping out saying that I bet he didn't know the movie would be such a smash.  Ok, people were curious I am glad I only paid $6.00 to see the show.  Nobody mocks my Charlie Hunnam.  You might have sold a lot of tickets but  your reviews are just as bad as the one I am giving you. 
Now, the biggest problem with this movie is the content.  I took a year of male/female psychology and we ran the gambit of everything one of those being sexually deviant behavior.   Now, what this really was about was different kinds of sex, who engages in it and why but I think the main thing we got from this is when you have two consenting adults wanting to explore their sexuality it is not deviant as long as both parties are on board.  So, we had this but here’s the problem Christian Grey is not going to be a man wants to engage in this type of sex play most really wealthy men like Grey prefer a submissive role.  There is a reason for this it is because being so wealthy, heading large corporations, making million dollar decisions want to be in a submissive role.  It kind of neutralizes their life.  They often hire Dominatrix's.   They might even find a woman who is willing to engage in sex where he is told what to do.  If he does something wrong there will usually be a punishment.  These mega millionaires don’t make mistakes that his why they are mega millionaires.
There were so many things wrong.  Grey seemed like a puppy dog following Ana around.  He did not look like he was in charge.  She cried.   He consoled her.   She met his mother right away.  It was stupid.  I remember Dr. Drew who does a lot of work with addictions including sexual said he wished he could have the four hours he spent reading the book back.   I guess I am done with 50.  I think I am going to watch something more relevant like Birdman next.  Of course there is always 9 1/2 weeks that does what 50 shades failed to do and that was to make couples takes sex out of the bedroom every once in a while.  Make it fun.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Hall Pass of the Year

You probably saw Charlie Hunnam as HP of the Year.  I was actually creating a slide show to show of all the men but had some trouble and figured I would just leave it like that.  The truth is that a Hall pass can be chosen if I went by page views and when I did I was so surprised.  My best friend's man seems to be pretty popular.  Yes, he had the most page views of any of the other men.  I don't know if it was because people did not know who he was or they did and had to see him but the difference in page views was staggering.  That I have to name Robert Rodriguez Hall Paa of the Year.  I want to thank my bestie CM, who has great taste in me and never settles for just anyone.  Makes me feel special that she calls me friend.  Thank you, C.  See you soon.

Just getting something straight

I was going to put a slide show in and have everyone vote for the hall pass and started to get a poll up. Well, right now you would not believe how chaotic my life is right now.  I also really miss doing this blog I have gotten several likes I the past few weeks probably because I have been on social media more.  I always said numbers didn't matter but honestly they do.  It is a sign that people have visited you site.  You only get email if you sign up for it.  How naive of me to think numbers didn't matter.  I saw other bloggers getting numbers bigger than mine and free polish from indie polish makers.  Bloggers who never spent a penny on this person's polish and me signing up to promote their polish because they had 1000 followers.  That is the golden number.

One Thousand





So, I guess you get it.  I am frustrated that my numbers are not high but I had a nurse and my neice ask why wasn't I doing the blog.  I said it was the surgery and in a big part it is but I really miss doing it.  I Judy need to figure a middle ground.  I might be able to reach that middle ground.  My biggest thing is really just editing.  I hate doing it so maybe I can do just two pictures.  I guess what I am saying is that yes, numbers matter and two that I am going to give this blog another chance.

So this a true Caio,

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Hardest Thing

The worse thing in the world is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a thin layer of peanut butter.  I don't want to give you a blog that isn't up to standards.   I thought by now I would feel better but there is so much going on I can't find it within myself to keep a commitment to give you my best and I can't do that so I won't be coming back anytime soon.  I have four major health issues going on and that doesn't even include personal.  I do have to say I have a magnificent husband who I am so lucky to have.  So, you can still follow me on instagram and pinterest, because I will always be a polishaholic.