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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kimber’s Challenge Day 14 Flowers

Today our challenge is flowers.  We girls all love flowers.  They mean something,  “I love you” or “I am sorry” or “Baby,you rocked my world last night”.  What really irritates me is that they never seem to remember what your favorite flowers are.  On my anniversary with year my husband calls me and asks me what my favorite flowers are.  I am just like oh I guess I know what I am getting so I tell him sterling silver roses or shasta daisies.  Why can’t he remember?  So we meet for dinner and there he is with daisies.  Sterling silver roses are really hard to get with out a day or two order so I know he hasn’t thought this out much.  My first husband was good at remembering because he would call my best friend and ask her.  His flowers always came with an “I’m sorry”.   My second husband always just bought what he liked he was pretty selfish hence the two divorces.  I feel like this is a swan song because fall is now upon us and we will be doing more wintery manicures.  I did a pink and blue gradient and glued some dried flowers that I finally got yesterday after ordering them over a month ago.  Hope you like.






So, what ever the reason for flowers do  you have a favorite flower?
Ciao bellas,

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