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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Polish of Day 29 Victoriana by Butter London

I chose this color because I really like the name I know it is Victoriana but I just think of Victoria.  I think it is a beautiful name.  Being Hispanic you have to be careful with what names you chose for your children especially girls.   Now this is just the way I think.  It comes a lot from my mother who chose to name me Patricia.  Everyone just calls me Patty for short but when I speak to people in Spanish or introduce myself to them I introduce myself as Patricia the name sounds good either way in English or Spanish and Victoria is one of those names.  My mom even named my sister something that sounds good in English and Spanish.  I had never thought about that.  I won't say what it is because I need to respect their privacy.  My baby sister got stuck with a really different name.  She has wondered why her sometimes but we can't do any thing our parent choose for us until we are adults and when you think of it as a parent there are a lot of things you control in your children's lives.  I tried to let my kids make certain decisions but I don't know they seem to be happy but my boys are not as successful as my daughter.  I just pounded it into her head she needed at least one college degree because she wasn't like her brothers who could go work in construction or just open a lawn service and make good money.  I told her those jobs were for men and yes women can do it but it is hard and dominated by men.  I am proud to say she will be graduating next year and will be pursuing her masters after that.  Neither one of my sons have done that and I do feel guilty for not pushing them as hard as I did my daughter but kids don't come with a manual.  My mom told me the only reason I should go to college was to find a man who was going to be a doctor or lawyer and marry him.  I thought to myself no, I want to BE a lawyer but never told her.  So,  I'll just say the name Victoria is really beautiful and holds a special place in my heart and that is all I am going to say.
I think I got this polish from Ulta and it was a little think so I did put some thinner in it.  I thought it was a glitter but it isn't.   It is a shimmer and I would even call it a neutral because it seems to go with anything.  I wore it for 2 1/2 whole days.  Yeah, and you know that thing about the clean cuticles.  Sometimes my cuticles feel ripped so I do what I did back in the day.  Take a long hot shower and scrub my head really good.  I have that Lush's Ro's Argan and when I put that on I rub it in my hands and viola clean cuticles without acetone or anything harsh. 
So, here are my pics of Victoriana with clean cuticles via a scrubbing of my head and some Ro's Argan.


So, I think the cuticles look pretty good except maybe the thumb.  So, I'll be doing that more often. 
Ciao for now,

I was one post behind this brings up to date.  I will make 365 different polishes.  I'm not even worried.