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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lush Haul

This weekend I went to Lush just to try their new hand creme and ended up with a lot more.  I really love Lush products, they just really make you feel clean and sometimes I look at the price and think it is expensive but I bought a jar of herbalism for $9.50 when I used to have no problem dropping $20.00 at Estee Lauder for a cleanser I had used on my face.  So,  It really isn't that expensive and the products last so long they really are a bargain.  I am going to go through the things I bought and let you know my thoughts on them.

1.  Lemony Flutter:  I already had some but have never really reviewed it.  This stuff is great for your cuticles.  I have been using it religiously for about four months now and I have not broke a nail.  It smells good and lasts a good 6-8 months the cost is $14.95 a little high but if you are a blogger you know how we do tend to abuse our hands.  This stuff comes right in as a rescue.   If you are just a polish maniac then you would benefit too, because I bet you do your nails at least five times a week if not every day.  Great product.

2.  The second product I bought was the Helping Hands Hand Creme.  This product was made for people who are constantly washing their hands, like nurses, but they realized that it was such a good creme they started selling it to the public and sold like wildfire.  I use it maybe twice during the day and my hands are softer than they were with the other creme I was using.  At night, I use Bath and Body Works Body Creme in Sleep.  The aroma just helps me sleep, which I have a lot of problems doing, I can't use it during the day so I needed something for day and the Helping Hands was just perfect. It has a light smell of rose.  Not overpowering and after just two four days of using it.  It is my favorite hand creme ever.  The cost was $17.95, a little pricey but I think it is going to last a long time since a little goes a long way.  The only downfall is that unless you carry a tote bag you can't really carry it in your purse but you can ask the girls at Lush to give you a sample jar and you can just through that in your purse.
3.  The third thing I bought was a new product they call Putty for your hands.  This is sold by weight so if you just want to buy $3.00 worth you can.  It is currently not on the website but it is in their catalog.  i bought only $5.00 worth and I like it.  I don't know how other people do their blogs but I set aside two days out of the week and just do manicures.  Sometimes, I do a glitter and not matter how hard I try sometimes their is some left over and I notice it when I am cropping pics.   I hate that left over glitter.  This putty stuff is like an exfoliate for your hands and leaves them soft with no need for lotion which is great!  Sometimes I notice my hands look a little dry in a picture so this is great after I take off a manicure, I use the putty and go on to the next one.  Even though it has lotion it doesn't leave my skin oily, it leaves it just moist because you did use water to clean them.  I like this product also. 

4.  The fourth thing I bought were two bath bombs.  Just because I sometimes like to take a bath and love the way these smell and leave my skin smooth.  These are not  a necessary item.  It was just a little splurge for me.   One is lavender one is rose.  Cost.  $4.95.

5.  Lush has the same kind of policy MAC has with their back to MAC.  When you collect 5 black pots you can take it in for a fresh face mask.  These are refrigerated and do have a shelf life.  I had 5 pots so I got mine for free.  Since my skin has not been acting up I bought the Catastrophe Cosmetic.  As you can see it is loaded with blueberries.  It provides deep cleaning without drying the skin.  I haven't gotten around to using this.  I am going to today but I have used most of their masks and never had a break out.  They have several different masks and you are sure to find one that suits your skin.  Cost:  Free.

6.  The last thing I bought was the Herbalism.  I have been using this product for around a year off and on.  What I mean by that is I don't use it everyday.  Lush calls it a decongestant for your pores.  This is for people with oily skin.  I don't like having oily skin but there is an advantage to it and that is I don't wrinkle as fast as people with dryer skin.  So, I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Facial cleanser.  The way I use the herbalism, is that I get the pea size amount and one squirt of my acne wash.  My pores have minimized and that is a good thing because I don't feel so bad when I don't wear makeup.  I also have the Angels on Bare Skin which I use when I need to.  You know what your skin needs.  The Angels on Bare Skin is for combo skin types.  There are days I use the herbalism and days I use Angels on Bare skin.  The best analogy I can make here is sometimes you know you need pink lipstick for what you are wearing or sometimes you need a neutral.  Just get to know your skin.  It is the only one you've got and you gotta listen to it because it does speak to you.  You can buy any amount of herbalism or Angels on Bare Skin you want.  They have two other cleansing rolls and one of those might be better for you.  They are called Dark Angels, I don't like it makes my tub black and I aways break out when I have used it.  The other one is Aquamarina.  I really like it but it is not what my skin needs it is more for really sensitive skin that needs some extra moisture.  It smells beautiful but it is just not for me.  One thing I do need to say about Herbalism is that it sticks.  It literally smells like pickles and olives but you get used to it especially if you mix it.  It is somewhat hard to use alone because it is like wet sand.  That is why I mix it.  If you don't like the facial product you bought you take it back and they will replace it with something else but don't buy it and then a month later take it back.  Use it a few days if it doesn't work then take it back.  They also always ask if there is something you want a sample of so take advantage of that.  The sales people are always nice.  I've never really had a bad experience and they aren't pushy.  You say no and that's it.  They go no further and I like that.

7.  I thought I was done but I did buy one last thing,  It is called a sugar scrub.  Cost $4.95.  it is an exfoliator for your skin and since I am peeling like a leper right now from my vacation.  I thought I would try it,  The sales guy said it was great for getting rid of acne on you back.  Which I don't have but he did tell me was also good for cellulite.  HINT. HINT.  I have some on my arms and in the booty area but come on.  I am 48 it is a rite of passage.  So, this stuff smells good and did take care of alot of the peeling skin I had.  I guess better start on that cellulite now.  It was just funny because he was telling me he had and then he a big breath and whispered to me "a cellulite problem."  I just looked at him and said I know.  He was really funny. 

Overall, Lush is a great middle of the line brand.  They have alot of other products.  They came out with a small makeup line and I am dying to try it out but buy the time I got to the store they were sold out of almost everything.  Most of their product are vegan.  They donate monies to charities and their sales people are well trained.  If you haven't tried any of their products and are in an area where there is a Lush store check it out.  Most Macy's have Lush in the store and there are free standing stores.  You can go to their website at and request a catalog or simply browse through their products on-line and you can order from the site.

Hope this review helps and if you have used Lush products please share with us.  I would like to know what kind of experience you have had with them and what products you've used that are good or bad.

 Till later, Ciao,