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Monday, September 17, 2012

I have a secret

 My secret is that, I really like pink polish.  I read so many blogs with girls saying they really don't like pink.  When I was younger I did not used to either but somewhere along the line I really started to like it.  I am a girly girly.  I never real brothers.  I don't even know how to ride a bike.  So, what can you expect.  I have two sons and all I really knew was they pee in your face when you change their diapers, they have to get circumcised and they wear blue.   So, I did that and just loved them like a mother should but didn't play sports.  I only played tennis, they were not interested.  I was good at Orly
shopping for them.  Then, my daughter same along and I wasn't lost.  Dolls, dresses, lipstick and polish.  See, I just like pink polish.
So, Sally Beauty Supply is having a sale on Orly nail polish.  Two for twelve, so I picked up a couple.  This one is called Sugar Plum.  I meant to get Sante Fe Rose but I like this one and will probably get it this week.  They will be on sale all month.  I am going to have a lot of swatches this week.  But I am still in the challenge.  I learned a really cool trick I am dying to share.  The glue as a base for glitter worked GREAT!   I have just happen to come across some fabulous OPI's.  The Bond series has already been released in Europe so, that means we should not be far behind.  Keep an eye out on EBay.  As far as the formula goes.  It's Orly.  It is good.  Quick dry time and smooth application.
So, here she is Sugar Plum.

I really like it.  What do you think?