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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday is Funday

Sunday is always the same thing.  As an old married couple my husband and I get into our routines.  We always wake up, go to Ihop and go do weekly shopping for the house.  We abide by Sabbath customs on Saturday by not working at all.  We usually just watch television, take a nap, play with Goldie, it is like our family time.  But Sunday, is a funday because we go shopping and he is really good about that we usually do my thing first because if we don't for some reason after the first store he gets really tired.  So, we go return something to Macy's because I refuse to try clothes on a dressing room and for some reason our Macy's is so hot.  I can't stand it.  I usually order online and if I need to return we go in and out.  Then Ulta is right across the street from the mall so we go there.  he looks at cologne and I look at everything.  If we wake up early we go down to the Montrose area where the American Apparel is and a lot of little second hand stores.  I can't get him in the Galleria so that is something that is reserved for friends and my sister.  Last week on Friday I did this manicure and all day long I was out of it.  I just kept staring at it because of the color changes in the polish.  I loved it.  My husband was holding my hand and pulls it up to his face and starts looking at it and says I know I am color blind but this polish is freaking me out it keeps changing.  I explained to him what a duo chrome was.  He said I like that.  He just said kids today have so many neat things we did not have.  I said, "Honey, we are still kids".  He just shook his head and said, "Yeah, you're right."

For this manicure I used Ludurana Violet Blue, then I stamped using Cheeky plate 16 (both images are on the plate) with Konad Black Pearl Stamping plate.
What do you think about duochromes?  Do you like them or do you just hate them?
Ciao, Bellas,