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Thursday, October 4, 2012

OPI Elvis Vegas Collection

I love Vegas and when I think about Vegas I think about the Mafia, the Rat Pack, smoke and Elvis.  He surely was the King.  Now he was before my time but my mother loved him.  Anything Elvis would cause excitement.  But then came the jumpsuits and I started thinking this morning I wonder who designed those.  Then it hit me OH! NO!  Bob Mackie, but I was wrong It was some guy named Billy Belew.  Elvis is so loved by so many it is just amazing.  Even though he was a substance abuser he doesn’t have that stigma that the alleged King of Pop Michael Jackson does.  To me they are just so different and I can say I love Elvis for that he still seems like just a boy from Tennessee who got caught up in a bad merry-go-round.  So this is OPI’s Salute to Elvis. 
OPI must have been a young company at the time all the polish in this collection except Royal Flush Blush are black label.  They have the narrow brushes and the formula is different.  Longer drying time and less pigmented.

The first polish is It’s now or never a lavender-purple polish.  It is a jelly and takes a LONG time to dry.  It still has it’s appeal.



The next one is Royal Flush Blush it is a frosted peach that I think is still in circulation because it is not a black label.  It turns out I have two bottles of it.  That means I actually bought this polish because I liked it.  After seeing the pictures it doesn’t look so bad.




The next one is called Love Me Tender.  Now, this one I really kind of like it is a cream and it only has a little shimmer of gold.  I would wear it alone today.




This one is called a Little Less Conversation.  All I am going to say is that it is yellow.




The fourth one is Burning Love.
DSCF4076 (2)

DSCF4078 (2)



Well, that is it.  What do you think of the collection is there any color you would wear today?
Ciao Bellas,