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Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Macy’s Haul

This haul is a little different than my last haul because I went to the store looked for bargains did not mull over anything and some stuff will probably go back.   I cannot stand trying clothes on at department stores or anywhere and if the store does not have a policy that I can return something with a receipt and get my money back I won’t buy no matter how much I like it.  I just can’t go into dressing rooms and try things on.  My mother-in-law was like that too and I recently met someone who had the same feelings.  It is not that I phobic.  I just have to wear the garment make sure it doesn’t open in a weird way and make sure it is comfortable.

This is actually a jacket I found at Ross.  I was nail polish hunting last Thursday so we went to Ross.  This is weird and you might not believe me but Goldie loves to go to Ross but I think it is because we always find clothes for her there.  On our way out I saw this and it was 9.99 and thought I can deal with that.  Not too young not too old.   I already wore once.  I just wish I would have had a zebra mani.  I was wearing the Jade Magico.
macys 1

I got this red sweater because my husband bought me a really pretty one last year and when I had my gall bladder taken out my mother stayed at my apartment and did my laundry.  It wasn’t even in the laundry and I don’t know where she put it and I am sooo mad about that.  I have been searching and I can’t find it.  If I call my mother she will act like she doesn’t know what the hell I am talking about but that sweater was special because my husband bought it for me.  It isn’t even close to being a replacement for me other than it is red.  I had also worn it to last year’s showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and planned to wear it this year but I couldn’t because I don’t know where it is.  It is really bugging me.  Like everyday bugging me.

macys  12
Then I got this sweater hoping it might help me get over the one my husband bought me but no.  It doesn’t.  I still like it though because it’s long will look good with leggings.
macys 13
This is just a really soft cotton light sweater but see how it is longer on the sides.  It is very forgiving if you have wide hips. 
macys 6
Ok, this is for the rock-n-roll chick still in me and it was a good bargain.
macys 3

This is my color haul.  Therapist say depressed people wear too much black and gray so in our DBSA meeting we were given the challenge to wear something that was not black or gray.  I had to go shopping.  That was last year so even though I am not depressed I still needed some color.  Just a plain pink sweater but I love items that I can add m;y own little touches to.   So this fit the bill.
macys 11

I know it’s gray but I plan to pair this with a pair of winter white pants I have.  That will brighten it.  I think it is ok to wear white in winter but only during the day.

macys 15

This is like a really neat long sleeve poncho shirt.  The color was there and I thought of all the different nail polishes I could wear with it.  Which made it a winner in my book.
macys 12

This is an early spring item and it is time to start working on that wardrobe.  I fell in love with this because it is red, white and black a color combination I love.  I can see this in so many ways and since we do live close to the coast we do go out to the beach and it is a perfect little shirt for a boat ride or lunch on the boardwalk. 
macys 10

Why am I buying a tank like this because it was $4.50.  I can wear it with anything and gets hot in Texas.
macys 8

Another one?  How cute will this be with white pants or shorts and in early sprint with a cotton sweater.   It was $4.50 also.   I hope it fits.   
macys 7

I am really on the fence on this one I only took it because the saleslady said,  “Take it home see if you like it, it is only $7.00.”  Not sure even if it $7.00 if I don’t like it why keep it.  I’ll try it.  It is colorful.
macys 4

Ok, just go with me on this one.  White shorts and beige platform sandals.  I kind of like it.  With a straw hat or no hat.  I find myself wearing more hats lately because the sun is just not like it used to be and even wearing some sun screen.
macys 14

Something again for summer.  Colorful and $4.50.  I can wear this with anything as long as it fits and the reason I say as long as it fits is because I am kind of big upstairs always have been and sometimes things don’t fit right.
macys 18
So, this haul came out to be around 200.00 but I had 20% off so it was 160.00.   I ordered my jeggings from Nordstrom's because they are on sale there and I am good on shorts, pants and skirts.  I am telling after this I don’t shop until mid January and all the Xmas stuff is down.  I won’t even shop much online except for polish of course.   So, there is my haul.  What is your Shopping style?
Ciao bellas,