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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chevron Nails

Hi, today I have Chevron nails using a technique I saw on YouTube.  I can barely draw a straight line but with this little trick you can have this look or anything else.

First you get some scotch tape.  In the space between where you cut and the tape meets the roll there is a space in that space you use your nail polish to paint that area.

  I painted it white.  Once the first coat dries then you add a second coat and wait for that to dry.
Ok,  once that dries you can cut the tape past the painted part of the tape.  I went to Michaels and bought three designed shears.  Cut the polished tape with the shears.

I cut the first piece.
Tape on the finger and trim the ends to make sure it is even with the nail.
Cut a piece of another color.  I had Yellow.
So, I lined it up next to the first piece of tape but you can leave space in between if you want.

The Yellow did not stick so I had to change to a teal piece. I placed the teal where the yellow was.
Then I cut another piece.

Then I taped the last piece onto the nail.  It was not flush with the end of the nail.  So since it was not flush I gently filed it down and there is the design.


  You can use any colors you can put them on vertically,  diagonally,   use your imagination.  This is what I came up with. 




Pretty neat and easy.  Top with a top coat.  This was totally my first trial so I am sure the next one will come out better but I am pleased even with this design.
So, is this something you will try?  If you like this tutorial let me know and I can do more of these.

Ciao for now,