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Saturday, August 4, 2012

HANG TEN NOTD and Thoughts

When we were younger the style of the day was wearing Hang Ten clothing especially at the beach.  I worked a lot when I was in High School so my Sundays were always spent at the beach in my hang ten clothing, if I wasn’t working I was still wearing my hang ten clothing.  If I could have worn it to school I would have worn my Hang Ten clothing but we had a dress code at my school and could not wear t-shirts.  My parents would usually made it very hard for me to go to the beach, they would tell me I couldn’t go so I had to lie and say I was going to the movies.  I really envied the kids who did not have to lie about being at the beach. My mother just hated the beach so much she never wanted me there unless she was there.  I don’t know why since she can’t even swim and I was a really good swimmer, a strong one, plus I played tennis and my doubles partner and I were the best in the school.  I used to swim everyday as a matter of fact that is how I met my current husband.  He was our neighbor and I really kind of hated him because he would push me in the pool or run by and purposely cannonball into the pool.  I was in sixth grade at the time and he was in 8th.  I did not know that was the sign of a boy liking you.  He moved away during the summer of my 9th grade year and his 11th. By this time we had become more than friends and he wrote in my yearbook that when he was 18 he was going to come back and find me and marry me. My parents hated him because he had somewhat long hair and was Jewish.  My my parents were stout Catholics and they did not me to have anything to do with him. I was really heartbroken and it took a while for me to get over my first love but those trips to the beach were so soothing.  that summer and my girlfriends knew how much pain I was in and always made it fun for me.  We would walk on the jetties (that is what we called them they were really just a sea wall but we had words in Brownsville that were only used in Brownsville).  School started that that year I started dating another boy and met someone with him who I ended up marrying because I got pregnant.  When I was 18 my current husband called and said, “You are 18, now we can be together without any interference from your parents” I held back my tears and to him it was too late, I had gotten married and had a child.  He said he did not care just tell me where you are.  I said it is just too late and hung up telling him never to call again.  That hurt so much, I still loved him but had to stick to my decision.  So, doing this manicure was bittersweet.  It is about achieving peace, and knowing that pain can be relieved but maybe never gone.  About two years after marrying my husband my mom gave me my one of my yearbooks that my husband signed telling me he was going to come look for me when I was 18.  I had completely forgotten about it.  So, wearing this manicure today evoked all these memories.  My husband and I talked about being younger because he noticed the nails and he said it reminded him of the beach.  We had a good day and for that I am grateful and these nails brought about a beautiful day of remembrance.

I used China Glaze nail polish in Seaspray and Man hunt, then bundle monster plates bm309 and bm320.
Before I wrote this I wanted to find out if they still sold Hang Ten clothing and they do at Kohl's.   I thought OP bought them out but I found some interesting things on the net.

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Someone else did hang ten