Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nails INC feathers

  Hi, I hope everyone had a good weekend.  So, since my birthday is this month, I got a lot of offers for big savings and discounts from several of my favorite stores.  Like sephora gave me 15% off any thing online or in the store.  Now, my husband and I have come up with a little "scheme".  If you live where there are Kroger's the have a fuel reward point system.  They give you one point for every dollar you spend but if you buy gift cards it doubles and every other month they actually quadruple it.  So, one $25.00 gift card gives you 100 points.  Now for every 100  points you get 10 cents off a gallon of gas.  So, we always have gift cards .  One month, when it was quadruple points we earned 3000 points.  We paid 1.34 a gallon of gas.  So, I  usually buy Nordstrom, Sephora, eBay, and Amazon.  It just depends.  So this month, I had 3  $25  gift cards so, I decided to sock up om makeup and mascara.  I had some money left and reluctantly bought this.  I read one bad review but curiosity got the best of me.

This is what I found, i used a light green polish then two coats of the polish which dries pretty fast.  Then I used a regular coat of top coat Seche vite.  Then one coat of a polymer top coat I got from Julep.  It was smooth and gave me no trouble.  I really liked it.  It remained me somewhat of floam.  It is very pretty.  It comes in threes other colors, blue and white, (I might go get that one)orange and blue, and orange and white.  The trick her is the color you use, for example for the blue and white you can use a pale blue or whit and then proceed to put the " feathers" on.  The feathers are nothing more than a matte bar glitter.  It is a really nice casual look for weekends.  This is not something you would wear to something dressy.  So one bad review did not scare me off and I am glad I took the chance with this polish.  It retails or $9.50 at Sephora.





Friday, April 26, 2013

My Most Expensive Polish

Call it just good after getting out of therapy or weak.  On Wednesday, I have therapy and I have been seeing the same therapist for almost eight years.  So, sometimes we might cross the line and talk about nail polish, I turned her on to it, clothes, Jodie Arias or sometimes she wants my advise on a case she is having problems with but we decided I still needed her as my therapist and would never switch because she talks to my psychiatrist.  That is almost like never done but I force them to talk.  So, we had a good session.  After therapy is my shopping time.  I go to Sally’s, Charming Charlie’s, Macys and they opened this new story called Versona where they sell really cute jewelry.  I went to Macy’s and got caught by the Chanel lady.  I was of course looking at nail polish.  Then she showed me this one and bragged about it.  So, stupid it doesn’t take much to get us polishaholics to buy polish.  So, I bought it and I am not disappointed at all.
First I have to say that the formula is not like any polish I have it just has a superior consistency.  One coat would have been enough but I put on two.   Then it dries so fast.  The color is gorgeous.  You can see the blue undertones.  This is officially my favorite polish and yes expensive.  I wish it was $18.00 and I would buy more but at $27.00 a pop, it will be a while before I buy another bottle but I am very happy and have no regrets for spending the money.
Would you pay $27.00 for this polish and what do you think about it.
Ciao for now,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Shameless Post of Self Promotion

Ok, I really want everyone to enter my giveaway not for numbers but because I want you to sample products that I think are great.  (I paid for all prizes on this giveaway).  This is Model's Own Haley’s Comet.  It is a very different color.  It is a little on the coral side and a little on the tan side but very nice.
Ok, now check this out.  Here comes the good part.
Ta da.  One coat of Haley’s Comet over black.  Isn’t it gorgeous.  It is a lot like the line of polishes that Cult Nails put out a couple of collections back.  Now, I haven’t tried it over any any other color but just think of the possibilities.  That is why I put this polish in the giveaway.  Here are some more polishes.
And if you don’t win the giveaway.  I got this polish on Ninja Polish for the measly amount of $8.00.  Got to keep that a secret so they don’t hike up their prices.  Model’s Own is a great polish at a great price.  I have a lot of them.  I am updating my blog sale and have Pinky Brown.  I ordered it from one site and then I think I won a giveaway.  It is weird because like in January  and February I won like four or five giveaways, but haven’t won any since then.  My time is coming to win one soon. Maybe you will too.
Ciao for now bellas,

Tri-Color Challenge #4

For this challenge I used the pink and blue for a gradient and then used my DRK-B plate to stamp the giraffe print with the orange polish over the gradient.  This is an easy manicure.  The best tip I have for doing gradients is to make sure you use a layer of top coat and that it is really dry and you won’t get the polish lifting or the sponge tearing.  Then for stamping same thing goes, make sure you have a top coat over your polish before you stamp just in case you make a mistake you can take it off really quickly although I have heard that using a lint remover takes the stamping off.  I haven’t tried it but I am going to and I will report my findings. (That sounds so stupid like I am some investigative reporter.  I guess the investigator in me will always be there.  My husband hates it.  He doesn’t get away with shit though.)
So, there is my entry.  With the piggy ring.  I try to wear or use the piggy ring any chance I get because it reminds me of Goldie.  We are going shopping for some stuff for the giveaway.  They love her at the places we are going.  If you haven’t entered.  Make sure you enter. 
Ciao for now,

Kimber’s Challenge A-Z Letter P

For the last two weeks I have kind of bashed Nars but there are two polishes from Nars that I have that really have the things I want in a polish.  So, for this letter of the challenge I have Pussy Galore. I think this polish might be discontinued but finding a bottle might be a little hard.  It is a light pink and does take three coats, now the one I have might be old so it does dry faster than the other two I have shown you.  The first picture in the sunlight looks like I put a matte coat on it but I didn’t maybe it just looks dried out in the sun but in the shade it looks shimmery almost has a wet look to it with three coats and a top coat.  I do really like this polish especially in the shade.
So, there is my P for this week.  What do you think of the color?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crumpet’s Tri-Color Challenge

This is my third entry to the tri color challenge.   I had a hard time on the last challenge when this challenge came around.  This is not done with a brush.  I was watching YouTube and saw this technique where it was done with dental floss.  It was super easy you just paint the top of the floss and roll it across your nails.  So much easier than using a brush.
This is the type of floss I used.  You can buy a bag of 100 for a dollar at Walgreens or Walmart. 






So, now that you know a different way of doing this manicure do you think you can do it?

Link to Irish Nail Addict giveaway



Last year I was in a challenge and one of the challenges was galaxies.  Galaxies are quite popular right now just this weekend I saw two people with galaxy manicures.  I don’t know if they did them themselves or if they were nail strips.  So, when I did my first one I thought, “oh, this is going to be easy”.  It was atrocious.  I admitted it was horrible but that I would come back with a beautiful galaxy manicure.  So, I have quietly been working on this one.  I think I nailed it.  So, let’s look at the first one.
Yes, I entered that.  it doesn’t even look like navy with white polka dots.  I was just having failure after failure no matter what I did.  I finally got so tired I just posted this apologized and said I would come back with something better.
So, this is my new galaxy manicure that I am proud to post and even wear.
And now my favorite part.  I love this.  I saw this ring in an 80% off bin at Macy’s and then I had a 20% off coupon.  The lady who checked me out looked at me like I was crazy but I was wearing the galaxy manicure.  Slipped the ring on and knew the look was complete. The ring is holographic.
So, can we say I have been vindicated.  I like it.  What about you?  What do you think?
Ciao bellas,

Butter London Bobby Dazzler

This is Bobby Dazzler and it is a dazzler and when I first put it on I have to say I was cussing it out.  I came about this polish by a return I made to Nordstrom and this was a no return thing.  So, I had to be sure I wanted it and look at it in the bottle it really is beautiful but OMG.  I got it home and cussed it out.  It streaked, it looked terrible.  I knew what the problem was.  I needed to shake it.  So, I did and then put it on.   I almost cried.  It was thick and just a mess.  So, I bit the bullet and put some thinner in it and shook it and waited until the next day.  It was perfect.  That’s why every night I go into the polish room and shake polishes.  My husband says are you going to do your nails and I tell him no.  You just can’t shake your polish and put it on.  It needs time to settle.  I should have taken a picture of the before.
So, about this polish it is a really foily looking polish.  It looks like you literally have foil on your finger nails.  It dries fast.  Clean up was pretty easy in that I was able to use nail polish remover instead of acetone.   Some of you don’t need to clean up for me it just depends on the day.  Someday I am totally neat others, I am a slob.  So, check out my swatches and leave a comment about whether this is something you would or would not wear.
I totally can’t wait to wear this for real with this ring.  Mother’s Day is coming soon maybe I’ll wear it then.   So, what do you think of the butter London summer line.  A little weird but they obviously had something in mind.  Forces us to be creative.  So, what do you think of Bobby Dazzler.  Dazzler or Dud?

Adventures in Stamping Earth Day

On April 22, tomorrow we take the time to raise awareness about environmental issues and transforming public attitudes.   Day by day we all see the earth being destroyed.  Trees being cut so a new high rise can go up.  Lakes being filled so a golf course can be built or the earth being dug up to make artificial lakes.  You know how hard it is to get REAL seafood.  Shrimp farms and fish farms are where we get our seafood and I live on the Gulf.  I remember when I was little we used to get shrimp the size of a small filet mignon.  Now, shrimp is barely the size of my pinkie.  We ate so much shrimp, I hate it now.  Let’s talk about the ozone.  When I was younger, you bellas know I grew up on the beach.  I did not use sunscreen and would not get sun burned, now granted I do have olive skin but my sister is lighter skinned and she never burned.  Now,  two hours in the sun without sunscreen we look like lobsters.  Also I do believe the magnetic field has changed because I think things just weigh more now than they did 30 years ago.  In high school the average weight of most of the girls was about 90-150.  I used to weigh between 90-95 lbs.  My nieces at the same age weigh about 120 and they are really skinny.  My husband and I have known each other since we were very young I was 12 and he was 14.  I asked him who he thought was thinner at the age of 14 my daughter or me.  He said my daughter was thinner but that our body’s were different.  He said I have a bigger booty and bigger boobs.  I said my daughter weighed 110 at the age of 14 and I weighed 95 so wtf?  Why is that?  Maybe I really don’t weigh what I weigh.  It is just weird.  The beaches are eroding.  We have less farmland.  Even the weather patterns are changing.  Now, some of this we have no control over but there are some things we do have control over.  Like recycling.  You bellas, know I am totally into recycling manicures but that is nothing.  We can recycle at home boxes, cans, and foil. Plant a tree.  My parents did that for me and my sisters.  The tree they planted for me.   They planted it in 1996.  We were living in a house that had a small tree growing.   It was a twig.  It was about four inches high.  Then they went and bought one for my younger sisters and planted them.  You know what after three hurricanes and various weather happenings my tree is the only one that stands.  My mom tell me that I am her strong one and always refers to that tree.  Oh, crap.  I just made myself cry.  I am sorry.  That was TMI.  I think you get the idea of just at least being aware and what just a few issues we have. 
So, here is my mani representing trees, water and animals.  I used 3 American Apparel polishes.  A beige one, that has no name, the Valley and denim blue.  I used my Winstonia plates and the DRK-C plate.

This is a close-up of the my thumb which represents the ocean that has been polluted by man just because, a horrible oil spill thanks to a drunk captain, and by dumping waste.  I remember all the oil spills they were horrible.  I can’t tell you how sad it is to see a beautiful pelican black because it came in contact with oil.  Trying to see them fly and they can’t fly right because of the weight on their body.  I could go on and on but I am likely to cry again.  So, if you don’t do anything.  Just be aware that these things are going on.  Do you want to know what you can do?  Go to www.earth.org and see what you can do.
Ciao for now,

My Summer Zoya Picks The Shimmers

I got my favorite picks from the Zoya Summer line last week and I picked my very favorite but then Zoya has their promotion out and I was able to pick the rest of the shimmers and crèmes except for one that I just totally have and would be a dupe for two other polishes.  So, here they are.
My first pick was Rikki.  I don’t have anything like this.  I have olive toned greens but nothing with a real green tint and I absolutely love this one.  It is Zoya the formula is great.  Two coats and you are ready to go.
My next choice was Bobbi.  A beautiful magenta.  I just love the way it looks.  It makes me feel so feminine when I wear it and the formula is great.  I think I might start reaching for this one a little more than some of the others.
You might be surprised to find that Amy was my third choice since I love orange/corals so much.  I do love this one but I love the other ones a little more especially Bobbi.  I am not saying that I won’t be really reaching for this one but since orange/coral is my favorite color to wear plain I obviously have a lot of them. 
Now, I this was the last swatch of the day and my cuticles are a little rough but don’t let it take away from just focusing on the color of the polish on the nails.  This is so summery.  I had to have it and luckily it is not a dupe for butter London’s Sunbaker.  I do want to say one thing to Zoya.  When are you going to make a polish named after me.  They should have a contest.  Come on Zoya Patricia or Patty isn’t bad. You named one after my dog and not me.  Do you have a polish named after you?  If so, what is it and do you have the polish?
Ciao, for now,