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Here are a few of the polishes up for sale.  This is my first blog sale but I do have a scale that can weigh polish and the packaging and that is probably how I am going to figure out shipping.  If you disagree with the price of shipping we can work something out.  I hate to put out a flat rate of 3.50 when it is only costing $2.00 to ship.

OPI Romeo and Juliet, $4.00, Here Today Aragon Tomorrow $4.00, Log On to Love $4.00
(Romeo and Juliet and Here Today Aragon Tomorrow have been swatched once that is to say on nail wheel.  Log on to Love has never been opened.)

The price can be negotiable on this because it might be cheaper to ship without the box but some of you may want the box so we can negotiate price on this if you want it I would be willing to break up the set.
The same goes for this one.  Price will be negotiable.

Zoya Elisa $5.00, Anja $5.00, coraline $5.00

 Rock star Nails Glitters $3.50 each With Love Used once
Jade Diamond $4.50 each
Dream on, Boogie Nights, Neon Melon and Cinderella (swatched once)
$1.00 each

Fabuluxe $2.00 and Beatle $4.00  all BN

Denim Dash, $2.00, Sapphire Masquerade from Sequin Edition $2.00, Styled Out $2.00 all BN
Popular $3.00 and Whimsical $3.00 BN

China Glaze 77004 IV, Creative Fantasy, Lush and Luxe, Ingrid $4.00 all BN.

If you are interested in buying any of these please email at

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