Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge Blue

Hello, I am back.  My doctor’s have encouraged me to continue doing my blog but not to the  point that I am losing sleep.  So, our challenge this week is the color blue.  I just really could not thing of any neat stamping to do so I decided to show the new Deborah Lippmann Stronger.  I am so glad that her polishes are going back to what that used to be that line with the little black dots just reminded me of gnats in nail polish.  This is a true Lippman, what we expect.  Lots of glitter, staying power and named after a song.  I put panties on using Zoya Song and then two coats of Stronger. It had a nice finish and with one coat of  Seche Vite it was pretty smooth.  Overall, if you like Lippmann’s glitter polish you will love this one.  The colors are vibrant and it has such great staying power.  So, let’s take a look at what the rest of the girls came up with.
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Painted Sabotage: A Hidden Little Treasure

Every now and then I go on Etsy to see if there is anything new.  I found this polish and just fell in love with it but didn’t order because I had made several purchases during the month.  Every time I would go in I was totally drawn to this polish.  It is a mint colored crème with white, purple and some silver glitters.  I broke down because I saw another polish that I had wanted so much and could really kick myself  in the butt for never buying.  It was by KB Shimmer called Newspaper.  So, I bought this one which is called Gargle Blaster.
This is Zaphod’s Ego.  After placing my order I decided that I really wanted this one since I did  not have anything in a gold and this one is just so pretty with the purple glitters and gold glitters.  So, I sent the owner, (I can’t remember her name and it is driving me crazy) asking if I could get this gold Zaphod’s Ego instead of Gargle Buster.  One good thing about Etsy is that they do tell you how many bottles of polish are left so seeing that Zaphod’s Ego was selling quickly I figured I’d buy Gargle Buster on my next purchase.  To my surprise she included Zaphod’s Ego in my order.  I really love this polish and believe me the photos I got don’t do it justice.  This was the third set on the first set, I used Zoya’s Goldie as a panty and on the second I used OPI’s Glitzerland and it still wasn’t right.  So, I used no panties and it came out great because it doesn’t need panties because it is very pigmented and loaded with glitters and I love the purple glitter.  It is the perfect fall color or going out polish.  Honestly,  I haven’t worn it because I just swatched it but personally this is a polish that I think needs to be in your collection just for it’s versatility.  You can wear it with anything.  I have seen women dressed beautifully and then some horrid color of nail polish and then it just doesn’t matter it ruins the look.  I also have a thing about not wearing the right undergarments with clothes but I will discuss that in another post.  So, if you want that neutral gold for your wardrobe and don’t have one check this one out you won’t be disappointed.
Ok, this is the last one.  This one reminded me of Newspaper Print from KB Shimmer which I always put off buying for something else now I believe it is discontinued and there has been this empty spot on my polish shelves where it should have been.  Well, it is not empty anymore.  This totally satisfied my need with the red, black and white glitters against the grey polish it is just so pretty and I am so happy I bought it.  I was very satisfied with the pigmentation and the dry time.  I did wear this one and did get asked where I got this polish and I told the girl.  I don’t know if she bought it or not since she was to me a random stranger but if you longed for Newspaper Print and for whatever reason didn’t get it this will make up for it.  When I saw it I thought I am totally buying this right now.  No, ifs ands or buts.  I a very happy with this polish.
In conclusion I just want to say.  I am really picky when when it comes to indies but I am definitely adding this to my short list of favorites and I have tried a lot of indies but they just didn’t do it for me, this one did.  I hope that Painted Sabotage sticks around and can really grow as a company because I hate to compare but like KB Shimmer, nice owner and great polish and I  believe this little indie can have the same success and I do wish them that much success because they do offer a great product.
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I know

I know I am kind of on a short break, but this post was lingering in my drafts an all I had to do was add the pics.  So, I really did not want to wait to publish it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Comes A Time

As most of you know, I suffer from major depression, anxiety and PTSD.  Well, it seems there is something that can happen to depressed women Fibromyalgia.  For me my main symptoms are pain in my body and severe tiredness with sleep disturbances.  My vitamin D levels are so low my doctor says she has only seen this a couple of times plus my thyroid levels are all messed up.  I want to do things but can't.  So, for now I really need a break.  Any challenge I am doing I need to give up.  I will post when I can but it may be once a week or not at all for the next month.  I do have some great polishes and nail art that is sitting in my computer.  I just might turn into that person who just posts on Pinterest and Instagram.  This is really sad that my 600th post is this.  I just want to get back to my 30 posts a week.  So, don't forget me.  I will be reading blogs and comments.  So, this isn't good bye it is definitely.
Ciao for now,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mish Mash Challlenge Week 6 Hot

When I think of hot.  I thinik of fire.  It could also mean a lot of other things to a lot of others.  Here is my rendition of hot.



I used the black essence all over my nail then painted on flames on my nails using red, orange and yelllow nail polish.  I used Seche Vite as a top coat.

Caio Bellas,
Patty Greenberg


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Favorites

August was a really slow month for me, mainly due to my husband’s surgery.  I think I did manage to get a few posts out that were kind of my favorites.  I know I have a huge August Haul.  So there are some of my favorites.
I wore this when I went to dinner with my daughter who was visiting and two of my girlfriends.  I just could not stop looking at the the sparkle of this glitter toppper from North Star Nails.
This is from Girly Bits Jini Loves Indie.  I just love the different shapes and all the glitters of this topper.
This is Turbulance with top coat.  I love the way it look with with the topcoat and although not caught on camera it is just gorgeous.
This was from a MIsh Mash Challenge.  The Challenge was Metallic.
This is a new polish from KB Shimmer’s Fall Collection called Teal another Tail.  It is a beautiful teal with a pink duochrome.
This was was one of the challenges of the Mish Mash challenge in doing a nail art technique you had never done.  I said I did not every really like newspaper nails but somehow this challenge changed my mind.
There were so many great polishes this month it was harder than usual to pick.  All the indies were great also.  So for September I have a huge haul so there are a lot of new things to see.
Ciao for now,


With the summer months coming to an end it seems like we are looking forward to wearing our new Fall polishes but some are just really not summer and too fall to wear right now.  So, some of the polishes you can look towards are neutrals.  Something like this one from Julep.  This one is called Allison from Julep.  It is described as an almond crème.  The formula is great and if you want you can stamp it with anything or just wear it alone because it really looks nice.  It does look a lot like Cuppa from butter London but this has more of a yellow tint.  So, this is a great polish to take you from summer to fall.  I don’t know about you all but for me it seems that summer really just flew by. 
alli2 (2)
You can find this polish on the Julep website.
Ciao for now,

Monday, September 2, 2013

For All Bloggers

I have created a blogger support group it is closed and secret.

Our Mission Statement is a place to go where you can vent and not worry about anything you say. We are here for support.

Life can be difficult and sometimes we do tend to stress out about our blogs and sometimes don't have anyone to turn to. So this will help. This group is to help other bloggers with, questions. I don't have all the answers but maybe someone else does. This is also a place where we are here to help each other with guest posts when someone just needs a break but remember it is just as important for you to help others. Also, younger bloggers can look up to senior bloggers and get critiques of their blogs. You might find someone who has been very successful in a short amount of time and have them look at your blog and give a critique but also remember to be kind on both ends. If you are asking for the critique or give it do it in a kind manner. Also, I made this group secret that way you can feel free to say things and not be worried about anyone who is not part of the group read what you have to say. Picture posting is ok but only for the purpose of feedback. That's where we will start and if something needs to change we can discuss it as a group. This is not my group it belongs to everyone in the group.  It would be great to have around 50 -75 members rather than 300 but we will see what happen.

Senior bloggers are highly encouraged to join.

Ciao Bella's,