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Friday, October 19, 2012

Glimmer by Erica

I have two polishes to show you today.  Both are just beautiful and I might even venture to say that one of them has totally satisfy my wanting Lynnderella’s Cauldron Drippings.  This is Muy Caliente.  It is loaded with gold, black and orange glitters in an orange base.  I used one thing coat of OPI’s On the Same Paige.  Then two coats of Muy Caliente.  I mushed the glitter down when it was pretty dry and put a coat of Essence special top coat.  I absolutely love it.  It is great.  I can wear it during the day or if I want to dress it up I can put some Seche Vite over it.  It was so easy to work with I just love it.  I am no longer checking eBay for Cauldron Drippings.  An added benefit is that if you are like me and not really into Halloween but have to go to some Halloween thing with your familiy you can wear this and still look like you are in the Halloween spirit.  It is going to look great with a suede shirt I just bought.  I really like this one.   Hope it stays around for a while.






The next one I have is Treasure Chest.  This one was a little harder to work with only because the dry time was longer than Muy Caliente.  This one is blingy and I wish I had an underwater camera to take a picture of it because it would look great.  I am kind of getting sick of the same hand poses.  That is why I started adding some rings to my pictures or putting my hands in a bush.  I am coming up with with some other things and my husband built me a light box this weekend and I like it only because I can be in the polish room creating longer.  Usually by the time the sun goes down.  Patty has to go down and wait till the next day to take pictures.  So now with the light box I cant get different backgrounds and use my tripod for taking pictures.   I really would have loved to take this picture underwater because it does look like a treasure chest that you see in the movies.  It has gold, blue, red, and a lighter blue.





Isn’t this one cool too.  Used one coat of OPI Glitzerland and two of Treasure chest.   The clean up was somewhat harder so sorry for some of the loose glue.  I did put Essence special effects top coat on this one too because I was photographing during the day but imagine how it would look with Seche Vite in a dim restaurant.  Girls never under estimate the power of your hands.  I watch this show called Gigolos on Showtime.  It does have sex scenes but it has a storyline.  It is about five guys working in VEGAS (I LOVE VEGAS).    it is about guys who work together the thing is that their business is having sex with women and not the typical woman we think hire a gigolo.  They talk about what turns them on about a woman and they all agreed sexy hands or a woman who knows how to use her hands.  One of the gigolos says what a lot of guys don’t realize that he does is that he has ten little penis’s.  His hands, so hands are important.  Studies have been done and men who see a well manicured had are drawn to that woman more than one who has nothing on her hands.  Before I got married to my present husband he asked me to promise I would always have my nails painted.  I always did but sometimes after you get married you let yourself go.  I said of course.   So, now he has only himself to blame for  this addiction.  Some manicures are just not his style but if I am wearing one he especially likes he makes sure everyone we see, sees my manicure.  He is so funny and that is why I love him.    So, what every you wear, wear something.
Ciao for now bellas,