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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kimber's Challenge Marbling

I really like to do marbling the only problem I have is that my husband loves keep the apartment in Arctic temperatures and my water is usually really cold so I have to put it in the microwave.  So, the next thing is really finding the right size of container to use.  One person on YouTube said a shot glass was the best but nope I had no luck then I tried a tea cup and it was too large but what did work was a plastic urine sample cup I had for some reason I just can't remember and it worked great.  So, I had a really easy marbling today.  I used a-England Lady of the Lake, Dragon and Princess Sabra's Tears.  I could have used something else but I wanted the holo look and I did kind of cry every time I dropped a bit of polish in the water but the effects were worth it and the bottles are still 3/4 full.




So, usually marbling is done with creams how do you feel they look with holo polish?  Or do you like it better in creams?
Ciao for now,