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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beatle mania Octopus’s Garden

When I was a little girl this was probably my favorite Beatle song  because it beat was so childish.  It was the ONLY song Ringo Starr ever wrote for the Beatles who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first hit record “Love Me Do”.  Fifty years, I wasn’t even born.  So, this song brings back memories of the Saturday morning cartoons I used to watch of the Beatles.  I remember they did an episode called Octopus’s Garden and boy my parents just really did not like the Beatles and did not know why I did not enjoy their country music.  When you think about it children have literally no rights.  I was forced to be a Catholic, forced to watch and listen to my parents music.  I guess that is just the way things were done.  I am glad I did not do that with my children, I figured when I became a parent I was going to do everything that I thought my parents did and do it different.  I guess it worked out ok.  At least, I don’t feel any guilt about forcing my values on my children.  They are still Catholic and I am Jewish and it does cause some problems but we get over it.
So for this manicure I used Color Club Love Me or Leave Me at the base to create the look of sand.  Then painted the water with Model’s Own Blue Lagoon.  I used a plate from Llarowe for the octopus and BM224 for the plants.  It was not a hard manicure, a little tedious because I did have to double stamp but I liked the outcome.  Then I remembered I bought this ring especially for this manicure.  I thought it would look cute.  So, that is how I spend part of my day today and Goldie did nothing to help today.  She has gained four pounds because of her new food so she is on a diet. 







So, what do you think?  Like it or Leave it?
Ciao for now,