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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The invention of the Jelly Sandwich

One day in a time that a lot of you were still not born a mother came home from work and called out to out to her daughter and said, "Honey, I stopped by that beauty store and bought you some of that perfume you like. The daughter's name who is Sally, runs to see her mom's purchase and sees it is a bottle of Charlie. Sally squeals with delight
"Thanks mom.".
Sally notices another item in the box. It is a bottle of nail polish. Butter London, Tea with the Queen, she immediately knew it wasn't for her.
Mom notices Sally looking at the polish and asks, "Do you like it?".
Sally says, "Nah, it is a " mom" color".
Mom says, "you can use it anytime."
The next day they woke up for breakfast and Sally noticed mom's nail polish. Mom asked Sally, "what do you think about. Isn't it a lovely color?"
Sally replies, "for older women." in a slightly sarcastic mood but there was something Sally was drawn to. It was a peachy pink color and looked really pretty on her mom's skin tone and thought it would look good on any skin tone.
Mom went to work and Sally went to school but she could not stop thinking about that polish. (a future polishaholic). As soon as Sally got home from school, she ran to the polish because sometime during Chemistry she thought of a way to wear her mother's polish. She had a bottle of Model's own Ibiza mix. She used two coats of the butter London and one coat of top coat, Seche Vite. It looked really nice and Sally thought to herself, I can rock this. at school the evil Sister Antionette told Sally her nails in no way were appropriate for school and she told her she better not see her hands with that stuff on her nails because girls who wear stuff like that only leads down an immoral path.
Sally's mother got home and Sally showed it to her mother. Sally's mom said, "it looks pretty on you, but I could never wear that. I am much too old to wear something like that." sounding a bit prudish. She told her mother what happened with the evil nun. Sally's mother told her not to listen to the nun and in no way does nail polish lead down an immoral path. We all have free will and we choose our paths.
While Sally' mom had been at work she thought of Sally's nails and did wish she could wear something like that. She got home and put a coat of the Model's Own Ibiza Mix it looked good but she felt it was too sparkly for day so she layered a coat of essence special top coat and ran out the door. All day at the office her co- workers raved about her nails. She felt like a queen.
That night Sally's mom and Dad had date night, having no time to change her polish she had an idea with her hand shaking she added a layer of topcoat. While Sally's mom and dad were eating the same old boring dinner and the same boring conversation. Sally's father told mom you look especially beautiful today. Sally's mother giggled and put her hands to cover her mouth. Dad reached to caress Mom's hands and he whispered to her why don't we take this food to go.
Meantime, Sally back at home fell asleep and forgot to take her polish off. Well as it turns out everyone in the household overslept the next day. Sally's mom ran in to wake Sally and told her mom that she forgot to take her polish off. They both thought what to do. They grabbed for the butter London polish and put a layer of polish on. Sally went to school and was greeted by the evil Sister Anionette. She looked at her hands but coudn't really see anything alarming. Sally giggled it off.
When she arrived home, she told her mother everything went ok and that is how the first jelly sandwich was created. And Sally, because of this incident on to own one of the biggest beauty supply stores in the country.

with top coat



original color

 Just a cute little ditty for today. Hope you like.  I guess what I am saying is that you can have a beautiful nail polish and wear it alone, you can add a glitter mix and then add a coat of the original color for you jelly sandwich but in all three cases you have three beautiful manicure it is just whatever you choose to do.

Ciao for now.

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