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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OK, Just Two More Lush Items

This weekend I had plans to buy this creme for the boobies called Lovely Jubblies. I was kind of embarrassed to buy it in the store so, I was going to order it but the shipping for one thing was kind of high so I decided to go to the store and buy it. I love this stuff. It goes in your cleavage and it has a light scent of gardenia. I love the smell of gardenia. So, I am in love with this smell. It claims that you don't need perfume and you don't because you are putting it in your cleavage right where your heart beats so it lasts a long time. It was a little expensive but you use such a small amount if it lasts six months it is worth it.  Price:  $24.96
The second thing I got was recommended to me by my sister.  It is Ro's Argan.  It is a body conditioner.  So, like a hair conditioner this is for your body and you use it the same way.  You wash your body as normal then slather the cream on and wait about two to three minutes.  When you use it the first time, it is a little weird but get out of the shower and dry up and your skin is as smooth as a baby's butt.  No need for lotion.  I love it.  Lush please make me your spokesperson.  This item is on the high end costing $29.95.  I think it might last around four months but not really sure it smells like roses and cuts out that time you have to spend after your shower putting on lotion.  It is a time saver.  I will have to report how long it lasts when I finish it and decide if it was money well spent.

Funny little story when I first turned my sister on to Lush, they make a sex bomb.  So my sister is not as open about sex as I am but she does have four kids so she's not a prude.  She just gets really embarrassed to talk about it.  So, I was joking with her about the sex bomb and her daughter, my niece (created in my image, my sister is terrified) went to the Lush counter one day when they went without me and insisted she wanted the sex bomb because Aunt Patty said she wanted it.  She had been listening to me joking iwht my sister and now wanted the sex bomb.  I love that child.  She is the one that needs her nails painted.  If I am planning to go visit I better take some stamping plates because she needs her nails painted at all times.  She is only six.  A polish aholic in hte making.  Oh, she was talked out of the sex bomb for now but I am sure she will one day insist on getting it.  She is a riot.