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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black and White Stamping

Back is so often used as a staple color in most people’s wardrobe.  Black is a great color it is classy and forgiving to any body type.  I know most people probably wear black at least once to twice a week.  I know I do and I really like black.  White to me is a symbol of innocence and I love combining these two colors.  I wore this manicure for about three days and it was noticed by almost everyone I came in contact with someone asked me if they were the nail stickers and I said nope.  I almost hated taking this manicure off but I had to because I got my polish from Whimsical Monday.  I think if I haven’t been so tired lately I would have taken this off sooner but at the same time I did not want to because I do love the way the black and white look.  On my left hand two fingers are white and the other two black it seems to take the harshness away and evens the field out and of course the right hand is opposite. 
back and white 30

black and white 14

black and white 10

So these were the nails for two whole days a real coop because I usually change everyday.  I just also wore gray one day and black on the other day?

How many times a week do you wear  black in a week?

Ciao for now,