Friday, November 30, 2012

A short (very) post from Goldie

Some of you may remember Goldie needing surgery for kidney stones in May or June since her surgery she put on 5 lbs.  She weighed so much that she was forced to sit in the back seat because she set the safety belt alarm off.    On Wednesday she went to the vet and had lost a whole pound.  I said that so good Goldie.  My weight loss is going along fine.  I've lost 17lbs.  To make her feel good I asked her how she did it, she sarcastically told me, " Well, I am on a high protein diet, I have cut out complex sugars."  I told her sounded a little like mine and then she said, "No, Mommy, I see you make your oatmeal, you have a pretty heavy hand there when it comes to the sugar, plus I go on two walks with Daddy so I get exercise.  You just sit around all day painting your nails or shopping for nail polish."  Teenagers, I thought I was done with them.
Goldie says caio.

Have you ever done something really stupid?

Have you ever done something really stupid?  I just did.  I swear I read that Hanukkah was the 28th of November but I was wrong.  It doesn't start until December 8th.  Oops?  I was showing my husband my 2nd day of Hanukah mani and telling him about others when he told me.  I immediately looked it up and found the right dates.  I've even been doing good deeds, like this morning I woke up early went to get keys made, went and got Goldie's food at the vet's.  Ok, I did do something a little bad.  I pretended I was going to leave Goldie at the vet.  I am going to pay for that one because now she wants a post.  We are negotiating.  The best thing I did today was taking 75% of the boxes nail polish comes in and took it to get recycled.   Well I guess I will get a free pass December 8th.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Polish of Day 47 Gelt by Whimsical

This is another one of Pam Wolf’s beautiful creation.  I went to the locksmith and this really big cowboy worked there and he was actually admiring this polish.  He was like wow that is so cool it is so bright and shiny
and it is  bright and blingy without being tacky.  Perfect polish for the first day of Hanukah.  For the non Jews gelt is money that you are supposed to get during Hanukah.  You are not supposed to get presents you give gelt but with Xmas and kids going to school, I think the Jews have tried to make it more like a regular Xmas by giving presents.  Personally,  my husband and I do gelt but in the form of gift certificates so sometimes I wonder if it is really the same.  It is but you are getting money at a store.  It is half way there.  What do you think?  Is a gift certificate the same thing as giving money?


gelt 4


So, back to the topic of presents.  Which is better, money or a gift certificate?
Ciao Bellas,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black and White Stamping

Back is so often used as a staple color in most people’s wardrobe.  Black is a great color it is classy and forgiving to any body type.  I know most people probably wear black at least once to twice a week.  I know I do and I really like black.  White to me is a symbol of innocence and I love combining these two colors.  I wore this manicure for about three days and it was noticed by almost everyone I came in contact with someone asked me if they were the nail stickers and I said nope.  I almost hated taking this manicure off but I had to because I got my polish from Whimsical Monday.  I think if I haven’t been so tired lately I would have taken this off sooner but at the same time I did not want to because I do love the way the black and white look.  On my left hand two fingers are white and the other two black it seems to take the harshness away and evens the field out and of course the right hand is opposite. 
back and white 30

black and white 14

black and white 10

So these were the nails for two whole days a real coop because I usually change everyday.  I just also wore gray one day and black on the other day?

How many times a week do you wear  black in a week?

Ciao for now,

Polish of Day 46 Jack the Lad

Today is a butter London.  Jack the Lad.  It reminds me of a darker Logan.  I don’t have anything like it and it is really nice.   The color is gorgeous.  I love butter London so much.  I think you all can tell by the fact that I think I have posted maybe seven new polishes I got this month.   This is a glitter and two coats are ok but three is better or give it a pair of undies with two coats which is what I did.
jack the lad 3

jack the lad 4

jack the lad 1

You might think it looks like Zoya’s Logan but it is much darker.   I did find some dupes though and plan to post them hopefully tomorrow.  My life has been pretty chaotic right now so I don’t think I am going to put out my usual 60 posts  but that’s ok.    I am off to bed before bed before 12:00 am can you believe that?    But I do need my 8 – 10 hours.  How many hours sleep do you need to feel good the next day?   I've always kind of wondered about that.  Not how many you get how many do you feel you need?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polish of Day 45 Indigo Illusion Nubar

I have been on a real Nubar kick for a couple of days now.  I want to know why this line is not in Ulta’s and Sephora’s.  It is a great quality polish with some really great colors.  I mean look at Reclaim that has to be the most beautiful green holo ever made.  This is indigo illusion it is a dark lavender with pink highlights and when it is in a different position it turns teal.  I did my best to get the change on film and I think I might have.  There is another polish they make called Peacock Feathers If you ever see that anywhere for less than $10.00.  You can buy it and put it on eBay and get $40.00.  It is always on my wish list.  You can see pictures of it on Scrangie’s website.  Nubar does have a line of duochromes on eBay very reasonably priced.  I have three of them and just ordered another.  So, look out for that one in the coming weeks.

indigo illusion 2

indigo illusion 12

indigo illusion 10

indigo illution 4

I think I was able to pick up the color change because it is a very strong duochrome.  LIke I have said before these polishes go on smooth and dry fast.  The only thing about them is that they tend to separate at a faster rate than others so if you have a few make sure you shake the day before.  I actually go into the polish room like twice  a week just to shake nail polish so if I want to use one they are always ready.  The polish room is finished  but I have a friend staying with me and I won’t take pictures while she is here even though she would not mind I feel it would be an invasion and I just can’t do it.   So, I will get pictures eventually.  Paitience is a virtue.

Ciao bellas,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Save Your Manicure For One or Two More Days

Sometimes manicures are ready to go but you really aren’t.  Maybe you don’t have time or you just love the color so much you don’t want to take it off.  Simple solution.  Stamp it.  I wore this and ended up getting
the tips a little worn.  I did not have time to do another manicure and really did not want to take if off so I decided to stamp it with some pretty good results.




A little of both.  I still have the beautiful green background just added a stamp.  It is a new look and they look freshly painted.   When doing this make sure to look for  a stamp that covers the top.  This is a Konad plate.  I used white Konad polish and then added some dots where there were white dots.   Keep in mind that a  really open design might not give you the best results.

Ciao for now,

Polish of Day 44 Cocoa Nut by KB Shimmer

When I saw Kristi’s Winter Line I was so glad it was a winter line and not a X-mas Line.  I just fell in love with Cocoa Nut maybe it is my intense desire for chocolate since I can't have it I can at least have it on my hands.
cocoa nit

cocoa nut 5

cocoa nit

This polish is pretty with it’s pink glitter and beautiful application.   This polish is so smooth it feels like you are spreading butter on a bagel.  I love it I know most people just don’t like brown and that is fine not every polish is for everybody but if you like browns this is a winner.


Polish of Day 43 Logan by Zoya

This is a beautiful polish.  It catches the rays of the sun and it looks gorgeous.  The application was smooth and dries fast.  I love this polish  I am wondering what it will look like as a matte.  I think I have an idea for the way I am going to wear it next time I wear it.  Zoya put out a great line of polishes for this holiday season.  I would have liked to have seen a light blue though.  Just thinking.




Was there a color in the fall collection that you think was missing out of the collection?
Ciao bellas,

Polish of Day 42 Lynnderella Pentimento

Today I have Lynnderella’s Pentimento.  It is multicolored glitter and really pretty.  You can wear it under any color because it has so many colors.  I used Jade Magica as my base.  It really shimmered and looked really good over the black. 

pentimento 2

pentimento 6

pentimento 7

This is a great polish the only downfall is the price.  I paid $23.00 for this on Ebay.  I wasn’t crazy about that but I did set aside money to be able to purchase two Lynnderella’s this month.    No money in my budget next month.     Do you set aside a polish budget or just buy?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Polish Day 41 Cake Hole Butter London

I have another one from Butter London.  It is from the new Holiday collection it is a glitter called Cake  hole.  Now, pictures did not capture the beauty of this polish and I was thinking I could see my self at someone's house during Hanukkah a little dressed up holding a glass of warm apple cider and this polish twinkling in the lights.  Then it won my heart.  It is flash but not bling bling.  It subtle and holographic.  It sparkles like you have tiny stars on your fingers.  Now when I did this mani I did everything I could to get rid of the glitter but honestly it was getting really late and I was tired but I had lotioned up my hands really well and the polish dries superbly but there when I looked at the pictures there is some stray glitter I can usually catch it  once I look through the camera but I did not notice anything, so there is some stray glitter, sorry for that but you can still see the beauty of this polish.

Can you see the beauty in this polish?  It is perfect for any holiday gathering or any special occasion. 

Yellow and Gray Gradient

Sometimes two colors that look unlikely to go together really end up getting along great.  I was wearing Kalahari Kiss and thought it would be neat to make a gradient.  It had been a while since I had done anything other than swatch so, I went ahead and did the gradient and I really liked it then to pick a stamp I used my DRK-C plate.  I had to I had just gotten it and I was dying to use it so I picked two patterns that I felt compliment each other and stamped with Color Club Revvolution, which by the way is a great polish to stamp with.  So this is what I came up with.





I did these photos in my lightbox but I need another light.  That is why there is a little discepency in the colors.  I hate this time change.  I much rather take pictures outside but in a pinch the light box works ok.  I ddi end up liking the combination of gray and light yellow.  Have you ever mixed unusual colors to create a gradient.   If so what were they?

Ciao for now,

Polish of Day 41 SpaRitual It's Raining Men

This is my first bottle of SpaRitual.  I have to say.  I like it.  It goes on smoothly and dries quickly.  This particular color is a shimmer and usually you need undies and three coats but not with this polish no undies and three coats that dried relatively fast.  Also I started using Nubar's Diamond Top Coat which I really like.  So this a whole new set of products to me and I am really pleased with both.  I was a little in a rut so new products give me a pick up.

So, this seems to be a popular name for a polish I know Deborah Lippman has a color by this name and I saw it somewhere else I just can't for the life of me remember.  If anyone knows leave it in the comment box it is driving me a little crazy.

I love this color it flashes pink and a little yellow sometimes but as I look at it I am wondering if it is a dupe for Model's Own Indian Ocean.  I will investigate this ASAP and share my results with you.  I have no nail wheels right now so as much as I hate it I am going to have to go out tomorrow to get some plus I need to pick up a prescription at Costco.  Damn Black Friday. 


Polish of Day 40 Butter London Dosh

Ok, so I went a little crazy on Butter London this was the first Butter London polish I wanted then it was Lady Muck, so when I saw it on sale.  I had to buy it.  It is a snot colored green, really interesting.  I definitely don't have anything with it but I can see being able to stamp wonderful things on it, which by the way I am just dying to do but with all these new polishes coming out I haven't had much time to stamp.  I have two that I did earlier this month and I am going to have to post them tonight because my computer can't hold anymore pictures and I had to buy 25 gb. 

Dosh is a nice color not one you need in your collection but if you like greens then you might want to check it out.

It does have some shimmer and looks good on my skin color so I am happy with it and can't wait to wear it again.
Ciao bellas,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Polish of Day 39 Ciate Cream Tea

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Now that everyone has eaten you can sit back and read the three polish of day's I am behind.  I am two behind and I need to post one today.  As much as I love family, I hate when they interfere with what I need to do and last week I had to deal with a very spoiled step daughter and a daughter who just is so smart but makes wrong decisions.  If your children are young enjoy them and don't be in a hurry for them to grow up they become bigger troublemakers as they grow older.  I think all crisis's are past and I will be able to get back to my routine.  I haven't even posted any of the stamping mani's I have done.

So, now to polish.  Nordstrom is now carrying Ciate nail polish and they are very pretty.  I got this one at Sephora but have a couple coming from Nordstrom.  This is Cream Tea so I am sure by the name you can tell it is going to be a neutral color and it is.  What I do have to say about this polish is that it is smooth and dries very quickly.  From another Ciate Nail Polish I have these polishes wear very well you can get a good week from this polish and that is pretty good.  I really like them.  They are a bit pricey at $15.00.  So, when I buy one of these polishes it is a treat and everyone deserves a treat every now and then.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Polish of Day 38 Phoenix by Pretty and Polished

Dakota is a yellow based polish with red glitters.  I can not believe I had not worn this before  it is really pretty and with colors I really like.  I done have a sandy consistency but dries quickly and I only needed two coats.  I used Barielle’s Aura Angora as undies.  It was not hard to take off either because of it’s consistency.  If you like these colors then I would recommend buying this.  I think it might still be available at the Etsy store. 

phoenix 3

phoenix 12


How do you feel about indie polishes?  Do you like them or think they are just a passing fad?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Polish of Day 37 China Glaze Harvest Moon

Here is a polish that has just faded because it was part of a kind of crappy promotion but when I put it on, it reminded me a little of Butter London’s Shag.  So, I thought this one to revisit especially now during fall.

Harvest moon 4

Harvest Moon 2

Harvest moon

To me this is like a good pair of Levis that you’ve had for so long you wouldn’t dare throw them away.  It just a good all around go to polish.  No bells and whistles just classic.  I might soon need to have a blog sale but you won’t see this one there.