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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just the Way You Are

When I found out we how out in the country we were going to be on our little vacation, I must admit,  I started to freak a little.  We went to the Frio River to tube down the rapids Ok, but then my sister says we need to bring our own sheets and that was fine.  I usually take my own sheets if I have to stay in a hotel.  But when I saw the terrain.  I really freaked.  What was I going to do?  First thing I did was to buy some scuba gloves.  I wasn’t about to mess up my nails.  Then I thought oh, no.  What nail polish do I take.  I can’t take my stamping plates and all that other stuff.  Then it hit me grab some indie polish.  It dosen’t need to be stamped. no marbling just a perfect little liquid in a jar.  My nieces always expect Aunt Patty to paint their nails so,  I grabbed three polishes Suprisingly, the girls did not want to paint their nails but I did and I was ready.  I took Pretty n Polished, Party on my Yacht it was perfect and I loved it just the way it was.  So please all the women making polish, keep us dripping in your beautiful bottles of precious polish.  I felt so pretty and it looked so pretty.  But I did suffer one weird thing from wearing gloves.  Sunburn on my arms and my hands are white but that will go away.




My sunburned arm. The things we do for beauty.  I am going to put some of that instant tan on my hands to even it out.
Time for sleep
Ciao for now, bellas,