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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Mama Told Me…..

After my gallbladder surgery, my Mom stayed with me a couple of days.  When I got home and took a shower and fixed my hair.  She was like what the hell happened your hair.  Since my 20’s I have had LONG hair like past the middle of my back and even though it was not really that thick but it was straight and always looked really healthy.  I never had any problems.  Now, that I am almost 50 of course I have some gray, not much but still color because it shows up around the front of my face.  In December 2011 I decided to cut my hair short.  I had never cut it because my husbands were always like, “NO DON”T CUT YOUR HAIR” they were as possessive of my hair as that other part of the body that only they should touch.  Any way, I cut it,  My husband just looked and I swear I thought he was going to cry.  So, with shorter hair it was so freeing.   I loved it.  Especially when I took a shower my hair dries fast and I would just run the straightening iron through it and I was read to go.  Then I had the feather tragedy.  My mom was kind and said that she had started using this shampoo that actually thickens your hair.  I just kind of rolled my eyes, she said you should try it.  Female baldness runs in my father’s family.  She said my aunt turned her on to it and she got back a lot of her hair.  She left the bottle here and over the weekend my daughter and son were here and my daughter asked me about that shampoo.  She said her hair felt really full.  She is sporting long hair like I did.   At night when I took a shower I raced to the other bathroom to get the shampoo.  I used it and the next day it did feel a little fuller I used again the other night and it felt about the same..  I could tell something was going on.  I bought the conditioner and when I put it on it was really tingling and I really knew.   I am not sure if I am going to let my hair grow or leave it short I’ll probably just keep it at a midpoint but the name of this product is Folicure.  I got it at Sally’s and it was around $7.00 a bottle.  I am not saying it worked overnight because I had been using other products and massaging my scalp a lot, I just feel that this is working faster than anything else. So, if you have thinning hair or just want thicker hair try this it might work for you.  And let me know if you use it and it works.
Ciao bellas,