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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Giveaway Pictures

Finally what you have wanted to see.
These are the three Covergirl polishes I selected.  I bought one because I read a review that they are really good.  I bought one and did like it. 
These are the ones I bought.  Left to right Midnight Magic 320,  310 grapevine, 290 constant Caribbean.
Model’s Own Haley’s Comet.  This polish is really cool I will be posting a review on it next month.
From left to right:  Orly’s High on Hope, Butter London Fiver, and Orly Elation Generation.
These are the essence polishes
Chic Reloaded, Let’s Get Lost, Miss Universe, Grey to Be Here, Ultimate Pink, Oh My Glitters
This is the Euro Central mini collection and even if you have it already you can use them for travel or have extra and if you need to you can sell them.  Personally, I like these because I use them when I travel or I play around with them by adding glitters to them.  Sometimes I mix them to get different colors and add glitter.  They are good for frankening or just to use them.
The last part of the giveaway is one polish from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  This one is Seuss and only there to have something to show.  If you win you’ll tell me which one you want.  You can find Pam’s creations on her Facebook page.  The next one is a polish new to me called Pretty Serious.  Their colors are gorgeous and can be found on their webpage.  Pretty  I would go to the site and start looking because if they are sold out on their website then I can order from Llarowe.
Because of the difficulty in mailing.  An international winner will get a Visa Gift card.  If you are from the states and none of these prizes appeal to you, you can opt out and take the gift card and the items for the giveaway will go on my blog sale which is a lot harder to organize than I thought but I am still working on it but that is where they will go.  I want to make sure everything for the giveaway is complete and then I can really focus on the blog sale.
So, there will be other little stuff in the giveaway that I am planning to purchase during the month or if I see something really neat I might buy it.  Honestly I don’t know what it is going to be at this time.  I might wait find out who wins and get them something off their wish list.  I don’t know.  I love Lush.  Maybe Lemony Flutter might be something I put in there.  it might be candy.  It really depends.
So, I really hope you like this giveaway.  It has been a great year and I hope for the same or better for next year.  I want to thank everyone who reads or just drops by to see a swatch.  You, bellas, keep me going and I want to thank you.
Ciao for now,