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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Butter London Two Finger Salute

Butter London's two finger salute is perfect for the winter months coming because it is a wintergreen color with red specs in it.  it  really is a beautiful unique color and the pairing of the green and red makes it the color of the season.  I put some CND crimsom shimmer on it and got wows that day.  Since I had to go to a new PCP, who referred me to four other doctors not happy.  I had to get blood drawn and the lady who drew it was in love with the color.  Thank God she hit a vein on the first try.  I have the worst veins in the world.  You can't see them and they are really thin.  That is why at a young age I decided I would not become a heroin addict.  Ok, I think this is a must have for winter because you can also carry it into spring and anything that has a dual purpose for me is good.  Texas is not known for having really cold winters but today it got into the 60's first time all season.  Everybody pulls out their winter clothes.  I know I did.  I pulled out my uggs and this really pretty military like sweater I bought and a hat but don't laugh at us Minnesota and Jersey that is just Texas.  We went to eat at this Italian restaurant and everyone was decked out in their winter best.  My husband is from Jersey during the winter because he is always saying it's not cold.  the rest of the year he is a Texan. I think that he is a Texan right now though because I think the Texan football team is doing very well.  So, he forgets he is from Dallas and just acts like a total Houstonian.  He makes me laugh..   I wonder what he would say about me if he was writing this post?  He only reads my blog occasionally.

Ok, so I love two finger salute and hope fishwife comes to Nordstrom but I do have a question for married bloggers.  Does your husband ever read your blog?  And do you ever write things about him that maybe he would get a little embarrassed about if you have.  Share your comments with us.  I would love to know because I know I am so guilty of that.  I once took a picture of my husband's feet because they look like Fred Flinstones because the name of the post was Flintstones Meet the Flintsontes.  Please share if you have I would love to hear some funny stories about this.


Ciao bellas,