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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embossed Nails

It appears that this fall everything goes for nails.  I have been seeing all kinds of trends some good some not so good, but one that I originally saw was from The Polish Aholic where she had furry nails.  I thought it was really cool.  So, again I am at the craft store and remembered the nails.  So, I bought some flocking powder and went to town.  It is really cool but not practical if you wear contacts or have itchy eyes.  I think it is a one time wear but the flocking powder I got cost about $3.50 at JoAnne's.  I had a coupon though but I got a package of six.  They are spring colors.  I was there last week and saw that they have fall colors now.  I hope there is not going to be a problem with ciate because they are putting out something very similar to this look. They call it the velvet manicure and it costs $19.00.  Big difference I copied this from their website.

Here are my pictures.






I really like this manicure one coat of polish sprinkle the flocking powder on and you are ready to to.  I read the reviews on Ciate's manicure but it did not sound too good.  Customers said it was a mess and it took long to dry.  I used one coat od China Glaze aquadelic and then put the powder on.   Easy peasy.  So, I haven't seen Ciate's version but this one is just fine for me.  What do you think?
Well, ciao for now.  time for beauty rest,