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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eggnogaholic Girly Bits

 Good Evening,
I hope everyone had a great week and are ready to enjoy a wonderful weekend.  I know I am ready.  The weather in Houston is absolutely gorgeous.  The sun is out with highs in the 70's.  it is amazing how weather can affect a person's mood.

Tonight, I have an extraordinary polish for you.  This is from Girly Bits.  It is called Eggnogaholic. Yeah, I know a couple of those. My son in particular.  He loves eggnog.  It's ok, I like but can't handle it since I am lactose intolerant.  That's another one completely forgot about.  I guess I have just lived with it for so long it doesn't phase me.  Sometimes I think people think I am making all this up just not to eat their goof or for sympathy but I am not.  The only thing I really miss is my dark chocolate and Parmesan.

So,  this polish was popular and still is but since people who really wanted finally got it of course it is more readily available.  It I a cream colored base with small gold glitters.  Just enough to sparkle in low light.  Don't let the name keep you away from this one.  It is definitely something you wear year around.  Everything I am ready is saying the color for spring will be whites and crimes.  What I did with this is used OPI's Titan Your Toga.  This is an old discontinued polish but it is a perfect creme.  You can use any creme colored polish you have.Just don't use white .  it loses some of it's color and then you have to use three coats.   I used two light coats of the Eggnogaholic.  It was not much of a jelly so it dried rather quickly.  I used a coat of my new favorite topcoat Nubar Diamond Seal and shine top coat.  If you don't have it some good alternatives is OPI's My Vampire is Buff which is from the new Euro-Central line.  Here is a tip, I can't believe OPI has raised their prices.  I got my OPI's from eBay for $7.50.  The Euro Central line, free shipping.  I also bought some from a new vendor I had never heard of but thought I'd give it a try called trendy hands.  The polish was 6.95 and shipping wasn't that high.  I did not check to see what other brands they had but if you are cruising the net check them out.







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