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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Polish of Day 46 Jack the Lad

Today is a butter London.  Jack the Lad.  It reminds me of a darker Logan.  I don’t have anything like it and it is really nice.   The color is gorgeous.  I love butter London so much.  I think you all can tell by the fact that I think I have posted maybe seven new polishes I got this month.   This is a glitter and two coats are ok but three is better or give it a pair of undies with two coats which is what I did.
jack the lad 3

jack the lad 4

jack the lad 1

You might think it looks like Zoya’s Logan but it is much darker.   I did find some dupes though and plan to post them hopefully tomorrow.  My life has been pretty chaotic right now so I don’t think I am going to put out my usual 60 posts  but that’s ok.    I am off to bed before bed before 12:00 am can you believe that?    But I do need my 8 – 10 hours.  How many hours sleep do you need to feel good the next day?   I've always kind of wondered about that.  Not how many you get how many do you feel you need?