Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You might have seem this one coming.

I have been dealing with a lot of physical pain.  I have found out some information that is quite disturbing information about Texas.  Some of you know I have been wanting to go to California.  I want to start that process but first I really need to tend to medical issues. I will no longer be doing this blog. I am keeping my blog Knives, Depression and Nail   You can see with what I'd doing on there.  I will be on Instagram and Pinterest ( you can't sot the addiction) and putting my too cents in at Facebook.  I'll be reading your blogs.  I just won't be doing these posts.  So many of you have been so wonderful. Thank you.

Ciao for now, Bella,
Patty Greenberg

Sunday, April 20, 2014

a England She Walks in Beauty

This is an older polish from a-England.  I wore it the other day and gorgot how much I love a-England.  I hope out with a spring line.  The ballerina collection was a bit of a flop.  They really haven't really had a line that has been as successful.  Revamping polishes just hasn't worked.  I think a beautiful pastel or just a neutral line would be great.  They haven't released anything like that.  So, a -England please give us some colors so we can collect more of your little gems.






Saturday, April 19, 2014

Updated Hall Pass From February

I was trying to update this but had to go through live writer and it forces me to put it in on this date. I realized that the hall passes had more pictures and my poor Sebastian only one picture not fair so here are some more.  He is just so cute.  Yes, if you read the post before this I am in major back pain and all I can do is fantasize so I do spend time just looking.   
You might notice Hall Pass of the Month.  I think everyone knows what a hall pass is.  My husband woke up the other day and said he was dreaming that you were leaving me for one of your old boyfriends.  I just laughed and thought to myself been there done that so I thought of my hall passes and told him the only person I would have a fun afternoon with is one my hall passes.  I am very serious.  I live in Houston and I don't even see attractive men.  All the time I spend at doctors offices and hospitals and here and there and nothing.  So, I thought it would be cute to have a hall pass of the month.  I'll pick the first one and you all will pick the rest.
So, most of you probably don't know Sebastian Ruili.  He has been on my list for eight long years.  He is a Spanish novella star currently starring in Lo Que La Vida Me Robo as Alejandro Almonte.  This  show is more popular than any American show right now.  It so good.  I only can dream that mine will come close. He is currently single and 35 years old.  Good age.  There is just something about him. 
Alejandro 1
Have to have the chest shot
In one of his first telenovelas called Pasion.  If you like telenovelas and haven’t seen this one you gotta see it.

I love when he looks a little nerdy.

Lack of Posts Beware of Steroids

I knew I said I was going to keep health issues to another blog but when something like has just happened to me I feel compelled to share this information because these are procedures mainly performed on women. It is the dreaded steroid shot.  Women appear to be more likely to get sent to a pain management doctor for certain arthritic pain.  I know when I had my first son  during labor there was severe pressure on my back because he was coming out face up.  I was so tiny weighing a mere 95 lbs when I was three months pregnant.  I gained 60lbs with all my pregnancies but because I was so young I recovered quickly.  It was my daughter who gave me major problems gestational diabetes and major back problems.  I spent everyday in the pool like a beached whale because my back hurt.  After she was born I did not recover as well I got down to 130.  Was ok there.  Got divorced and lost 10 lbs.  Got remarried and gained 20.  But still I was ok.  I stayed at around 140 for years until steroids came into my life and I gained like 30 lbs but then there was Lyrica which added 20.  Now, I am at 190.  That was not ok.  I never got back.  I ended up at 170.  I accepted it but consistently felt like I was dieting.  Then nervous breakdown which put on 20.  I ended up at 190 again but dieting got me back to 170.  Now, I've had some serious back problems.  I let this doctor hit me eight times with steroids each time in a different place promising relief.  I haven't gotten it and now the SOB has decided he can no longer treat me because I took two extra  pain pills in a month.  I am really frustrated and in bed a lot.  Last night we went to Temple and BAM!  I hit a hole in the concrete and fell flat on my ass.  Not good.  I got up and thought I was ok.  I should have just stayed there and let paramedics pick me up.  So, I am going to head to the hospital soon.  I just should have never gotten up.  I am going to post two posts I had scheduled for tomorrow and Monday today and hopefully I will be home tonight.  I've just been going through this steroid crap for a couple of months.  Oh, and while I been waiting downloading pictures for next month's possible Hall pass I updated February because poor Sebastian, I only gave you one pic.  That is not fair so look for that too. 
If I the doctors decide to finally surgically fix my problem which is what I need.  I will still send some post from bed.  My husband will just have to learn how to take pics.  He owes me since he has been a real dope for the last six months.  Now, that he is in another job he trying so hard but NO,  I owe him two months of misery and if he can handle it then he will be back in my good graces.  If I have surgery I can't have sex for a while anyway.  I know against what said on Facebook when I said that denying your husband sex when you are mad also denies you, so make up and make love.

Ciao for now,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Winning Polish

One night I was on Facebook and Polish Addicts was having a give away and I won it.  Just like that.  No rafflecopter or anything other that leaving a comment saying I want that polish.  This polish is a glitter bomb.  It has glitters that are huge and it is just a fun polish to have.  I was so happy when I won it.  The name of the polish is Keep Calm, I Am a Polish Addict by Polish Addict.  I used Cashmere Bathrobe as my bottom coat but just think of the possibilities with this polish all the different colors you could use. 
What color would you use with this polish?
Ciao for now,

The Difference Between Men and Woman

So, this is KB  Shimmer’s Autumn’s Collection, You Autumn Know.  So, I have been wearing this polish for week and  have done nothing to“fluff” it up.  So, I was looking at the polish and decided what should I name the post then it hit me.  I decided to call it the difference between man and woman and this is why.   My husband told me I really like that polish.  I agreed and that even though it was a fall polish.  I though I would play a little mind game with him.  I asked him what color glitters were in the polish.  He said red, purple, and yellow.
Ask a girl and it is a crelly with gold, fuchsia, copper, and lavender holographic glitter.  Yeah, that’s the difference.  The details.  Women look at details.  We are sensitive and observant and if men only realized how much we are like this then they could understand us.  Because we have them figured out food, football and cars.  I had a friend who we where we could be talking at the same time and know exactly we were saying.  Men can’t do that.  Just remember they are the simple ones of the species.
Ciao Bella,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winner of Giveaway

The winner of the giveaway is Jeanette Dorta.  If you have ever had a giveaway, she really helps promote them by twitting everyday and posting in herFacebook page.
Congratulations, Jeanette!
Patty Greenberg 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hall Pass of The Month

It is that time of the month.  Hall Pass. We hate saying bye to Charlie but he is will still always be there. We all know this one the bad boy of Maroon 5's singer. People's Sexiest Man Alive.  Adam Levine.  We watch him almost every Monday on The Voice.  I know I keep up too much with the singing.  I like the judges comments and if you are a on The Voice, a girl and Adam's chair is turned around and don't go on his team, you know what I call you stupid.  I would rehearse with him 24 hours a day.  I just love bad boys.  Especially ones who drive motorcycles.  I remember dumping someone and road off in a motorcycle down the beach wearing nothing but an itty bitty bikini.  He had been buying me drinks ( now shame on you not all drinks are alcoholic).   I had no idea he drove a book but when asked me to take a ride and saw that bike, well, I couldn't say no.  I love the pictures I found of Adam.  And what about the video "Moves Like Jagger".  If you haven't seen it, it is so cool.  So, without further ado:

Adam Levine

I am just going to say one thing.  This guy does't take a bad picture.

Ciao, Bella,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

KB Shimmer Crèmes

press sample


Good evening,

Sorry for the lapse in posts.  I have just had some back problems that are finally going to get resolved.  I am firing my doctor.  So, being stuck in bed and so sleepy I woke up and decided to do a post since I am taking control of my pain by firing my doctor.  If something isn't working get rid of it.  So, I really feel lucky that after the last two posts.  I was sent four more creams.  Oh, they are just so great.   I am just at a point right now that I feel that all my polish needs can be met with indies.  There was never really a brand that just had creams and if they did they just did not look right.  So, I was a prisoner to OPI and Essie for my creamy needs.  But now my needs can be met with these polishes, like I said in the last post these polishes a a dream.  I have actually been wearing these for a week.  I just put on a coat of Seche Vite before I  photographed.  My sister is really used to seeing me with polish but she actually commented on these.  Yes,  I wore two different colors on my hands for a week.  She asked me where did you get those and I told her and she said oh, my daughter would really like that greenish one.  That just means do you want to come spend the afternoon with me.  I told her I would love to go over and do her daughter's nails but I need pictures.  I have done several manicures for her and not gotten pictures.  I just my nieces so it just gives me time to spend with them.  So, again, I can’t say enough about how much I love the formula of these polishes.  They are just so smooth and dry time is not bad.  What I really like is that it doesn’t seem to streak as much as other polishes if not completely dry when applying the second coat.  They are super pigmented and the price is just right at $7.50. 








This is called A Touch of Glass and is best described as a light aqua mint.







This one is called Honeydew List.  This color totally reminds me of honeydews.  I love honeydews and honey do’s( you know when you tell your honey, “Honey, will change the light bulbs that are out)  Ok.  maybe that wasn’t too funny.  But it does have that honeydew color and I guess that is why the reason for the name. 

So, these are just great.  I have two more to show you and then I ordered more.  That is how much I love these polishes.  These are available now for sale at KB Shimmer.

Ciao bella,


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

KB Shimmer Glitters


press samples

Good evening,

Tonight I have the long awaited post of the glitters I got from the new KB Shimmer Line.  This is Make Me Grey and is one if my favorites of the line because it is on the white side with a hint of grey.  I just love those whites.  It is packed with glitter and this is a truly wonderful formula.  Now, when I say wonderful I really mean it because it is so pigmented that undies are totally unnecessary.  I did use a coat of a white polish, when I put the first coat on I was thinking this doesn’t need any panties.  I was about to take it off but was already so far on both hands that I just decided to stick with what I normally do.  Then the glitters are just a perfect combination for spring, magenta, teal and some grey.  I know for sure I will be using this one often this spring











The next one is Laugh Myself Lily.  A beautiful teal glitter polish with silver, pink, lavender blue and gold.  This one reminds me of Teal Another Tail.  I have been wanting to do like a skittle indie and I just saw one in my collection and can I say it’s going to look pretty darn good when I do it.  This has the same formulation as the Make Me Grey, no panties really needed because it too is very pigmented.  It is just gorgeous and I am so happy that this is one I was selected to review.  The thing about this color is that you might think you have to stick with a certain color when you wear it but nope not an ounce of truth.  During November, when my daughter came to visit I was wearing it I wore it the whole weekend and on color that really compliments teal is brown.  I love those two together.  I was going to wear this brown and wacky jumpsuit that someone had on their pinterest board as things not to wear, well,  it is beautiful on it made me look thin and the polish looked great with it.  I had forgotten how good brown and teal looked together.  Come to think of it I haven’t worn that jumpsuit since then I am going to have to pull it out.  If you want to see it you can view it on my pinterest boards under My Zulily closet.  I don’t know whether to be embarrassed but everything in that closet are actually in my closet.  It is the only jumpsuit in there so it is not hard to find.  So, make a long story short this polish will go with anything as you will see when you see my ring picture.











And here it is the ring picture.  The stone in the middle is a little deeper orange I thought it made a great color combo.  I thought of placing little orange rhinestones in the middle but decided since this is a review I would wait until I did a full blown nail art look which is coming really soon.

So, after I finished these I got another set of samples to review and I was so happy so I am working on those.  I just broke a nail really badly and was waiting for it to grow a little longer which it has so look for that post after then next one I am going to do.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway.  I am adding one more prize.  So, keep an eye out for that.

Ciao Bella,


Friday, March 14, 2014

Two Year Blogiversary and Half a Century Giveaway

So, I am getting one of the posts I wanted to do today.  Late but it is here.  It is my 2 year blogiversary.  It seems like just yesterday and it is my birthday.  Half a century.  I can't believe that but one of my girlfriends turned 60 and she said it was the new 40.  So, I am saying 50 is the new 30 because I just don't feel 50.  I also realized it has been a while since I had a giveaway.  So, here is my giveaway.  Please read terms and conditions.
Ciao and Good Luck,
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, March 10, 2014

Problems with internet

Our internet has been down since two and I an so sorry because I have two important posts.  I will have to post tomorrow as it is getting late.
So sorry,

Change in Blog


I have decided to start reviewing some beauty products.  I just reevaluated my makeup and realized I needed a to buy some things just to update.  I am a big Mac fan but I use other cosmetics too.  I still think that for me it is important to share with others what it feels like dealing with depression or other health issues so I am moving that to another blog.  It won’t interfere with this blog because I don’t have to take pictures.  It is just going to be more of a blog about my personal life.  I am having some health issues that are leaving me asking a lot of questions but I am not the type of person who just takes things lying down.  I investigate and investigate till I get an answer.  It is just that having the career I did before I was forced to quit that was what I did and it is just a skill I never want to lose.  So, those posts that I have written about some pretty personal stuff will be on the other blog and this blog will be one that I can really write about anything.  Patty and Goldie’s Day Off will be a beauty blog.  The name of the new blog is

So, you can now check it out.  I’ve been doing it for about seven months now but it was private so I feel ready to be able to share more of living with depression.  I haven’t posted yet I assume I will by later tomorrow.  So, check that one out.




KB Shimmer Spring Swatches Part 1

press sample

I always get excited when one of my favorite indies releases a new collection and feel honored that I get to review the polishes.  So, I have five polishes to show but tonight I am going to show you 2 and tomorrow I have the other two.  I just need to do a the cropping but I did not want to wait to show you at least two.  As you saw on the press release there are several crèmes in this collection.  I got the magenta one and I love it.  It is called Life Rose On.  I have one thing to say I am definitely going to order some of these.  The one polish I remember reviewing and saying I could not get over the feeling of it going on like butter was Lancome polish.  I haven’t really found that consistency in any other polish until now.  I love it.  It dries quickly and you really don’t even need a top coat.  I just always use one because I don’t want my manicure to get messed up.  These are going to be available March 14, 2014 and priced at $7.50 a real bargain.  I just love this formula and you got to try at least one.  I am going to buy one for my therapist who is a closet polishaholic.  She loves Zoya so she going to go crazy over these.




The next one is called Quick and Flirty.  It is a purple holo.  It is a nice color goes on smoothly unfortunately there are a lot of purple holos.  If you don’t have one then I would say yes this is a must for any polish collection.  I like it unfortunately I do have Color Club and Jade holos in purple so, I might skip over this one only because I have three like this already.  Of the five polishes I am going to review this is the only one that just leaves me warm.  Now, talking about the formula it is very good it dries quickly and all you need is two coats to reach full opacity.  I am not giving this a bad review it is good polish the thing I am saying is that if I was just buying from the line I would not buy this one because like I said I have three like this. 

DSCF2870 - Copy



So, the holos and glitters will be available also on March 14, 2014 and they will sell at $8.75.  So, get ready to spend some money because this is a great line.  If I was on a budget I would get a glitter and definitely a crème.

Tomorrow I have two post part two of the swatches and another really exciting one.  So, watch out for those.

Ciao for now,

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Ok, so I got this and was so excited because this is a great line.  I just love these.

KBShimmer Spring Polish Line Set For Release March 14th, 2014

KBShimmer is excited to announce the addition of 16 new colors to their 3-Free polish line.  Owner Christy Rose says “Spring has inspired the KBShimmer staff to create two collections filled with fun, vibrant color.  For the first time, we will also be offering cream polishes.  These polishes pair wonderfully with many existing KBShimmer polishes, but are also wonderful alone.”

The Spring 2014 Glitter Collection includes one glitter top coat, one sparkling jellies, four glitter creally polishes, and two holographic polishes.  “Spring is such a fun time, with flowers in bloom, warmer weather, and Easter.  Though the snow is still around for many, we were inspired this spring by the thoughts of warmer weather, and the many different flowers that come with it.  Easter also played a part, with us borrowing many of the tones and colors you find in Easter candy” says Rose. 


The Spring 2014 Cream Collection offers 8 polishes in opaque, cream finishes.  Rose states “We are very excited to offer up polishes in cream finishes.  Not only can each of the 8 new colors be worn alone, those creams are ideal for layering.  We use creams not only for glitter top coats, but for under creally and jelly polishes too.”  Both collections are set for release March 14, 2014st at  Polishes in the Glitter Collection will retail for $8.75 per 15 ml bottle, while polishes in the Cream Collection will retail for $7.50 per 15 ml bottle. 

The Glitters & Holos - For quick dry time and smooth feel, follow with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.



Full Bloom Ahead- This white based polish is loaded with small, medium and large hex glitters in fuchsia, navy, teal, gold and orange; colors reminiscent of those floral tones that signal spring is near. Best in 3 Coats.

Belle Of The Mall- This coral toned pink polish is a fun color to brighten your day. This jelly like polish is loaded with holographic silver hexes in various sizes and is stunner in the sun.  Best layered in three coats, or worn over a coordinating cream.
Rush Flower Traffic- A metallic glitter top coat with fuchsia, gold, green, sapphire, and aqua glitters in hex and dot glitters fill this polish. Ideal as 1 coat over our Chick Me Out or Honeydew List creams, this topper can be worn over so many colors! 
Daisy About You- A pale green creally, this spring polish features neon green hex glitters swimming among purple and lavender hexes and a scattering of lavender daisy glitters.  Best in 3 Coats.



Laugh Myself Lily- A muted jade creally with holographic hexes in gold, pink, sliver, lavender and blue.  Pink and light aqua dots complete this muted polish.  To allow the glitters to shine this polish more sheer and is best layered in three coats.

Quick and Flirty- Every girl needs a good violet colored polish in their collection, and what better than one that comes with a rainbow!  This linear holographic offers full coverage in 2 coats, add a third for a deep lilac color. 
Make My Gray- A pale shade of gray sets off glitters in turquoise, gunmetal, pale aqua and coral. Wear alone in 3 coats, or layer this over a grey like My Life’s Porpoise for a unique spring manicure.
Prism Break- This linear holo top coat was designed to bring maximum rainbow bling, while still allowing the color below to shine.  One light coat over any cream will turn your color into a holographic lover’s dream.

The Creams – Ideal for wearing alone, under glitter polish, or for nail art.  For quick dry time, follow with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.


Life Rose On- This is my perfect pink, bright cheery, and it covers in 1-2 coats.  This vivid cerise polish has blue undertones, making it wearable for many skin tones.  Pair this with your favorite glitter topper or use in stamping for a girly manicure.

Chick Me Out- This bright yellow cream is the ideal shade to welcome warmer weather.  Full coverage in two coats, I love this under Rush Flower Traffic. 
Honeydew List- Just like ripe honeydew, this dusty pastel green is perfect for spring or summer.  This is the ideal color to wear under Rush Flower Traffic, or pair with Ice Queen for a sparkly spring manicure.  Full coverage in just 2 coats.
A Touch Of Glass- This light aqua mint cream reminds me of tumbled sea glass.  A pastel green with blue undertones, this color is covers in 2-3 coats. 



Sky Jinks- I love those days, the ones when there is not a cloud in site, and the sky is the most stunning shade of bright blue.  This medium blue cream with a hint of dustiness, reminds me of those perfect days.  Sky Kinks covers in 1 coat with careful application and is perfect in two.

Pansy-Monium- This pansy purple cream offers full coverage in just two coats.  With a slight red undertone, this purple will look great even on warm skin tones.
My Life’s Porpoise- No matter if you spell it gray or grey, this pale shade is a neutral that is fun to wear alone, or under bright toppers like U Rock My Heart.  This creamy shade covers fully in two coats.
Eclipse- Black is a fashion staple, not only in clothes, but on your nails!  This is a true black cream, covering in 1-2 coats. 


KBShimmer products can be found at Http://  For sales outside of the US visit

KBShimmer was founded in 2008 by the husband and wife team of Jason and Christy Rose.  KBShimmer offers unique and colorful nail glitter nail polishes that are Big 3 Free, with all glitter formulas being completely free of chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  KBShimmer glitter polishes feature a flat glitter grabbing brush for easy application.  KBShimmer also offers a 2-free quick dry polish top coat, olive oil lotion, sugar scrubs, lip balms, cold process soaps and other skin care products.

If you would like more information about KBShimmer, contact Christy Rose by emailing or visiting Http://
© 2013 KBShimmer. All rights reserved

Hall Pass of the Month

Ok, I am kind of loving this.  I just want everyone to know that I have always had a hard time getting comments and I know people want feedback but it is hard to give feedback to a statement so every comment that I find I do respond to in anyway I can.  I really wanted you the reader to pick the hall pass of the month.  Some might think it is tacky but I just think it is fun.  And if you can’t laugh please find a way to.  Life is to short.  Men have been vilifying women for centuries so why can't ’t we look at a beautiful man.  They are not offended by it.  They love it when we look at them they don’t.   So, if you see a cute guy smile at him, I guarantee he will smile right back.  Men are easy, women are the ones that are complicated.  Remember man was an experiment.  They are basic.  We on the other hand are complicated.  So, if you just are really offended by me posting the picture of a hot guy please let me know.  If I do get too many people offended I will stop.  For next month I am going to choose four men from People magazine’s Sexiest Man issue and I am going to let you choose him.
This month I chose Charlie Hunnam.  He has that boyish smile.  You know he is a bad boy and I don’t know about you but a bad boy has always been my type of guy.  I have dated nice ones but always have so much more fun with the bad ones.  I don’t mean the prison type.  Just that guy that is a risk taker.  He’s going to hold your hand on the rollercoaster and if any guy looks at you he’s going to look at them like “Yeah, she’s with me.”  So, Charlie is on Sons of Anarchy and is the president of the motorcycle gang.  He had been chosen to play the lead role in “Fifty Shades of Grey” but something happen with scheduling and he is no longer going to be playing the lead role a big loss for for Charlie lovers.  If you have never seen Sons of Anarchy there are about five seasons of Netflix.

So, I found several pictures.  But I did select one for the sidebar. 


Love a man in a suit

What is on his mind?

Just so cute and boyish.

These were my favorite pictures.  Guess which one I will put on the side bar.
Ciao Bellas,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Camo Nails

A couple of years ago, I had these camouflage Capri pants and I loved them they were in a combination of light greens.   For some reason I just don’t feel that regular camouflage pants look right unless they are on men.  I know women in the military wear them but I feel that that is the only time they look appropriate in a woman.  I know it deals with my gender issues.  I feel a man looks ok in a pink shirt but I would rather just see white.  I know, it is just me.  So, right now I am on a quest for pink camo pants, capris or shorts.  I have seen some on Amazon but I really didn’t look a serious look at them so that is my task today.  I am home bound since I got that epidural shot and let me just say it hurt and continues to hurt and I hate the nurse who attended me.   She didn’t understand why I might need an extra pain pill last night and doesn’t even understand why I can’t take St. John’s Wort for my depression.  That is complete ignorance.  I have an appointment with the doctor and I am going to tell him to please explain to this medical professional that each of us have our own way of dealing with our medical issues.  Yes, I choose doctor prescribed medication.  Why?   Because it works on me better than any thing else.  I could not believe her.  Oh, well.  At least it is over and what sucks is that I have had five injections none of which have worked for more than three days and I had to go through all this to satisfy an insurance company.  They didn’t even sedate me enough.  I was wide awake after I told the doctor give me extra medication, I have a high tolerance and I think he has figured that our but that dumb nurse giving me the medication would not give me the whole dose until the doctor made her do it and still it wasn’t even a little bit of comfort.

Oh, well it is over and all I can do today is complain and hopefully find these camo pants because I created this little manicure with thoughts of this pair of pants in mind.  It was really easy.  I used Zoya’s Pixie Dust in Miranda on my pointer finger.  I started to think I might have been wrong about what I said about the pixie dust until I got the spring collection of pixie dust.  Don’t like.  Look for the review next week.  So the rest of my fingers were painted with Nubar Faded Putty then  I used BM 423 for the pinkie and thumb using a brown Konad polish.  Here is a tip for making polka dots if you have a stamping plate with polka dots unless you are putting polka dots on white.  Stamp in white then go over the dots with a dotting tool and polish.  The reason I give this tip is because sometimes for the life of me I can’t get my polka dots straight and I want them aligned but in different colors and I can’t do that with a stamping plate so this gives you straight lines and perfect spacing.  Then for the camouflage image I used Winstonia plate 223 for the camo pattern using colors Magenta, Pink and Brown on the stamping plate the trick to doing is to do it fast and with a light scrape.  I wore this with Seche Vite but it did not look right so I used OPI matte top coat.  It was cute and a lot of people noticed.  If you really have the time and tools you could easily do this without stamping plates.  I just had the plates and it came out perfect the first time otherwise I would have grabbed for a polish brush and just done some random wavy lines to create the camo image.




















So, there is my look.  I am busy getting the OPI sandies ready to post plus I have something a little different.  I started watching some YouTube videos and thought I needed to update my makeup so I have a MAC, some drugstore and some other lines of makeup that I acquired and have been using so I feel I can now give a better review of these products so, I am getting that together.  Also, I decided to sell my unwanted polish on Ebay because I don’t have to do them all as I would in a blog sale.  I am auctioning them and all are starting at 0.99 cents and I am going to start charging shipping at 0.99 cents since I now know how much it costs.  So, most of my polishes are going under $5.00 with shipping.  My seller name is plgreen16.  So, if you have a polish you may have wanted and is discontinued I just might have it.

Ciao for now Bella,