Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cirque Sanguine

This is a gorgeous polish from Cirque.  It is from one of the older collections but it is just gorgeous.  Cirque has turned out to be a very good line of polishes.  I have almost stopped buying OPI, ZOYA and China Glaze.  It seems that indies can meet all my polishing needs.  If there one thing about me is that I like to be different.   I just saw the OPI Notdic Fall collection.  So, many dupes.  Don't get me wrong I need certain polishes which are staples but I just get much more excited from an indie release.  I just think this polish is beautiful and great for summer and really how many times does a polish company actually drop their prices.





They have a new line coming out August 5th.  You can buy this another polishes at their website Cirque.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great Beauty Product

Throughout the time that I have posted on this blog about the fact that even at the age of 50 I still suffer from cystic acne.  Finally after several years of suffering my last break out was during November due to a round of steroid injections.  I decided to see a dermatologist instead of taking matters into my own hands instead of the hands of a salesperson at a cosmetic counter.  We tried several oral medications with topical ointments.  I stopped the oral medication because it was just making me sick.  I was not seeing any improvement.  So, I decided I needed to do something.  Basically there was no breakouts but everything was dry and it seemed like I was just drying out more.   Showering right now is not really safe for me right now because sometimes I get some serious leg cramps so I have just bathing but this was not enough to steam the dryness off my face.  So, I heard some good things about the Clairsonic.   I thought I would give it a try.  I bought the $99.00 model and was amazed at the results. My skin felt really clean and I realized how much stuff was staying on my skin.  I was using it twice a day and just noticed my skin started to get so sensitive.  I read some reviews that stated that even though directions are to use twice a week it is best tow work up to that.  As soon as I did that the results were even better.  I have changed my skin routine in using milder cleanser.  Total difference just a little tender care was what my skin needed.  The results of this clairsonic are almost immediate.  You can feel soft glowing skin.  There is another version but it is bigger so that was the reason I chose the smaller version also I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that wasn’t going to work.



See how the smaller version fits easier in small hands.  If you go to the Clairsonic website they have a special deal to order the system.    So, if you are having problems or just want to improve your skin
tone and have used other products this is a very good investment.

Urban Decay Naked Pallette 3

Has anyone bought the Urban Decay Naked pallette?  It's nice enough but how many can really wear all the eye shadows?  Not many this is my naked pallete I ever bought and it went right back.  I'd  say it is only good for two skin types very fair or dark skin anywhere in the middle and you are out of luck unless you want to wear a white base.  I am not crazy about white bases.  Some people are really upset that the pallete is made this way but every cosmetic cannot be for everyone.  They make make ups for dry, combination and oily.  Personally, I cannot wear foundations for dry skins because I have combination.  So, I was upset but it is just one of those cosmetics that I personally can wear went and returned it for the Kat Von D monarch pallette which is so much prettier any way.  One thing I find is that people buy cosmetics that don't work but keep them.  You can return anything you don't like or doesn't work.  Just make sure you save your receipt and cosmetic counters will change it out especially if you ordered online.  I used to be embarrassed to return cosmetics bout no more.  So, now I don't really have anything in my makeup collection I don't use. I literally use everything I have.  Another piece of advice, you know how cosmetics companies have a gift with purchase.  I used to go wild and have to get that gift but I usually ended up with a whole lot of nothing.  Don't get sucked in.  If you are going to just buy a concealer and it is not enough for the gift so what.  Do you really need that gift no.  Save your money and head to any other department where you know you need nothing.  If you change your mind and have to get that gift you can go back the next day and purchase something else to get that gift if they say no.  Return your purchase, they will work with and if not return your purchase and go back the next day and get your gift.   If they complain ask for the manager she won't let a sale go.


Monarch Butterfly

I remember being a little girl and loving to catch butterflies.  I would grab them by their wings but then I noticed that trying to let them go was futile.  Why?  Be cause if you grab them by the wings you are removing a special chemical product they have on their wings which helps them fly.  I did not know that until my aunt told me.  One thing she did tell me is that if you hold your finger out they will come land on your finger the main thing was not to feel fear.  I don't know why anyone would feel fear so we stood there and sure enough a butterfly landed on my finger after a minute later I got one too.  So, butterflies were my first lesson on patience.  It was nice and handled perfectly by my aunt.

The colors I used are from the new Cirque Heritage collection.  I did gradients with different colors on each nail then I stamped using BM424.  Some people do know how draw the butterfly.  I can too but if I can stamp.  I stamp.  I plan to do one with the actual colors of a butterfly with a orange red yellow gradient.





So, those are my nails.

Ciao for now,

You know you are having a weird week........

When all you can remember is doing your nails but it to you it is still Monday.  I have an event on Thursday and have been wanting to use this polish but somehow I was doing other manicures.  So, yesterday, I figured out what happened.  I was prescribed this nerve pain drug, my psychiatrist said it would make me loopy boy did.  So, I know I did manicures because they are in my camera but I don't know why.  Imagine that a pill can do that to you?  I 've got one manicure and a popular eye pallette review.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bats in the Belfry

This is one of my favorite polishes from Whimsical Polishes by Pam.  I used my favorite white OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  This is one polish that I just felt white was the best color for this polish.  You can see that it has different shaped glitters.  It is really simple but so pretty.  It might look good on a dark grey or a gradient but I just chose white instead of going for another color.




You can buy Pam’s polish on her website at Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  They cost approximately $10.00 a bottle.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hall Pass July

Now, you know I love doing these posts.  This month's hall pass is a gorgeous man who we have lusted for since he first walked into the fictitious city of Bon Tomps on True Blood.  Yes, I am talking about Joe Manginello.  Now, this is not an very day Joe.   What was wrong with the writers of this show.  He should have sex with every woman in Bon Tomps instead of chasing after Sookie.  They should have killed Sookie off first season because I know my friends and family who saw the show hated Sookie.  That is the only good thing about True Blood ending is I don't have to see Sookie.
But let's look to the future Joe is doing just fine with 5 movies in pre-production.  He is reprising his role in as big Dick Ritchie in Magic Mike XXL.  His first scene where he is sewing his thong was hilarious.
He is also rumored to dating Sofia Vergara.  That's a hot couple.  I hate to see cute guys with ugly girls.  So, I can deal with this.
Enjoy the pics.
The best outfit in the world Levi’s and a white shirt.
Pic from Entertainmnet Weekly
Wow, I wash my clothes on that ab.
So serious.
I love a man who can look good grungy and then look like- see the next pic.
What a man!



Monday, July 7, 2014

Signing in

I have made a major decision.  I am not going to let this back surgery and all the complications because of it take away the one of the things I loved doing away from me.  After much research I pushed my doctor into finally admitting that there is a problem, it's scary and he has to fix it.  When I woke up from surgery of course the pain was terrible but there was something else I immediately complained about and that was that my feet felt like they had marbles on the bottom when not 24 hours out of surgery they made me walk.  They had not done enough to ease my pain even though morphine had been ordered I never got it.  I had the surgery in an outpatient surgical center the doctors owned.  I stayed three nights because they could not release me.  The last night I was there, I told the doctor I could not believe the only pain medication I could have was Hydrocodone.  A medication that is for mild pain.  He said I ordered morphine.  I told him I never got a drop even tough I was crying in pain.  I immediately got the morphine.  It was too late though.  I never got pain relief.  Last Tuesday, I just stopped pain meds but after two days realized I still needed something now and then.  The reason I still need something is my left leg retaining so many fluids it is crazy.  I got medication to solve it but it only cured the left side.  Scary because when people have heart problems they do get edema.  So, I really challenged this doctor and I won!  When does that ever happen.  I needed a win to gain confidence that this problem will be fixed on this doctor's dime.  Patty- (1) Kant (-1).  I am winning.   I have some people to help get through this and I am so grateful.  I am going to be okay.
(I am going to edit some pictures tonight I have a review on one of the best beauty products on the market right.  So, look out for that)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The problem

The problem with depressed people is that their illness is often different.  I will be in the hospital again for two weeks only to start a physical rehab that will take months.  I want to thank everyone who read this blog but it will be,
Signing out it was a great ride.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

KB Shimmer Summer 2014 Swatches and Reviews ( Warning Pic Heavy)

Press Sample
I was so happy when I decided not to give up blogging and then right away got a letter announcing the new line.  I knew I was making the right decision plus now with a professional journalist.  My daughter has agreed to do a guest post next month. She will be choosing the hall pass.  So, I am just really excited.  Christy also gave us the opportunity to choose the ones we wanted.  I was allowed to choose six and I really got some that I I don’t have many like and there is one other one I really like.  So, Christy did warn that the solids did take a while to dry.  I thought oh no.  It wasn’t that bad especially because I had missed my telenovela for two days, so I did one hand, then another while I watched the second.




Low and be Bold was my first choice mainly because I don’t have this color and think it will be great for my the polish rainbow.  It was sooth likes the ones from the last collection but these are Jellies and did take a while to dry but like I said I just put on a telenovela.




Royal as Reign lives up to it’s name.  It is that deep royal purple.  It does give you a little royal feeling when wearing it.    This one is a jelly so it does have a longer dry time that the other others don’t have.  Jellies need that extra time though to dry so can look good.  Now, I did come up with a really neat trick to getting perfect jelly nails.  I plan to share that with you this week. 



There was no way I was getting past not getting this one.  It is called Goldie Rules and yes my co-editor is getting so lazy but she is so loveable.  As soon as my husband leaves for work she nuzzles  into the area by  my stomach or the space behind my legs when I lie down.  The good thing is that she sleeps in her bed at night.  So my Husband and I are getting much better night sleeps.




Let’s Not Coral is just a regular crème polish.  This is my everyday favorite.  It is just so pretty because it is really has a lot of pink in it.  I didn’t have any problems with this one.  Because I made nail decals.  I am really excited to share this with everyone but this was my first trial.  I am thinking that you need to place a coat of  top coat down before you actually start adding colors.




She Tweaks Out is a textured polish.  It dries super fast and two coats is all you need.  I like the matte finish but I know some of you will want to see it with  a shiny coat on top.  So, her it is.



And here is the last color.




Run it is the Coppers a gorgeous peach holographic.  I have one from Cirque Polish in Cypress but this one from KB Shimmer I think is a better formula at a much better price.  It is pretty pigmented so two or three coats is ok.  This one goes on smoothly and dries quickly.

Theses polishes go on sale May 23, 2014 at KB Shimmer
Ciao Bella,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hall Pass of the Month

This month’s Hall Pass is Jessie Williams from Grey’s Anatomy where he plays Dr. Jefferson  Avery.   He had a really  brave moment this month when he ran off with the bride April  who he was fooling around with before she decided to marry poor ambulance driver


So, what make this man so sexy?  His voice, his eyes and let me say those are some beautiful eyes.  He plays the shy game and when he is out with you that is exactly what it is he is with you.   Grey’s Anatomy scored a winner in this.  I know what else is in his resume but to me that just doesn’t matter this man just has that it factor.





Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Never Can Say Goodbye

After some very boring time, I realized, I can't stop.  And have you seen the new summer collections?    I feel so left out and miss doing this.  I will be having back surgery sometime by the end of the month.  I even have the hall pass.  It's just too much fun and I really need this in my life.
I' m back!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You might have seem this one coming.

I have been dealing with a lot of physical pain.  I have found out some information that is quite disturbing information about Texas.  Some of you know I have been wanting to go to California.  I want to start that process but first I really need to tend to medical issues. I will no longer be doing this blog. I am keeping my blog Knives, Depression and Nail   You can see with what I'd doing on there.  I will be on Instagram and Pinterest ( you can't sot the addiction) and putting my too cents in at Facebook.  I'll be reading your blogs.  I just won't be doing these posts.  So many of you have been so wonderful. Thank you.

Ciao for now, Bella,
Patty Greenberg

Sunday, April 20, 2014

a England She Walks in Beauty

This is an older polish from a-England.  I wore it the other day and gorgot how much I love a-England.  I hope out with a spring line.  The ballerina collection was a bit of a flop.  They really haven't really had a line that has been as successful.  Revamping polishes just hasn't worked.  I think a beautiful pastel or just a neutral line would be great.  They haven't released anything like that.  So, a -England please give us some colors so we can collect more of your little gems.






Saturday, April 19, 2014

Updated Hall Pass From February

I was trying to update this but had to go through live writer and it forces me to put it in on this date. I realized that the hall passes had more pictures and my poor Sebastian only one picture not fair so here are some more.  He is just so cute.  Yes, if you read the post before this I am in major back pain and all I can do is fantasize so I do spend time just looking.   
You might notice Hall Pass of the Month.  I think everyone knows what a hall pass is.  My husband woke up the other day and said he was dreaming that you were leaving me for one of your old boyfriends.  I just laughed and thought to myself been there done that so I thought of my hall passes and told him the only person I would have a fun afternoon with is one my hall passes.  I am very serious.  I live in Houston and I don't even see attractive men.  All the time I spend at doctors offices and hospitals and here and there and nothing.  So, I thought it would be cute to have a hall pass of the month.  I'll pick the first one and you all will pick the rest.
So, most of you probably don't know Sebastian Ruili.  He has been on my list for eight long years.  He is a Spanish novella star currently starring in Lo Que La Vida Me Robo as Alejandro Almonte.  This  show is more popular than any American show right now.  It so good.  I only can dream that mine will come close. He is currently single and 35 years old.  Good age.  There is just something about him. 
Alejandro 1
Have to have the chest shot
In one of his first telenovelas called Pasion.  If you like telenovelas and haven’t seen this one you gotta see it.

I love when he looks a little nerdy.