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Friday, July 20, 2012

Beatlemania Blackbird

I wanted to do some nails based on the songs of the Beatles.  The reason I picked these two patterns was because the song says, " blackbird singing in the dead of night".  So, I found an image with birds and then the other image of course are music notes.  When we went to Vegas we got to see the Love Show (it is from cirque de soleil and plays nothing but the songs of the Beatles).   I've seen alot of great shows.  This was the BEST!!!!!  Everyone watching the show was singing  and having a great time.  I was mesmerized the performers actually fly right at you.  There is so many cool things going on, it is great.  If you love the Beatles and are planning a trip to Vegas you must see this show.  It is playing at Cesar's and it doesn't matter where you sit.  We had nosebleed seats and bought them because the person selling us the tickets said that is the best place to sit because the performers fly so closely over you.  If I go to Vegas again.  I will go see it again.  So I hope you like this. 
I'd really like some feedback or comments.  There is a box at the bottom of this post and all you have to do is check a box.  I know sometimes righting comments can be a drag but checking a box is pretty easy.  I need some feedback from those who read the posts or just look at the pictures it will help me either keep on doing what I am doing or change my format somehow.  So, please just check a box.  It would mean a lot to me.

Ciao for now bellas,