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Thursday, December 6, 2012

It is that time again

Yes, it is that time again...cold and flu season.  You can avoid a flu by getting a flu shot but what about a cold.  To this day there still is NO cure for the common cold.   You just have to ride it out.  So many parents take their children to the doctor the minute they get a sniffle.   Now, yes you can take medicine the symptoms  of the cold, but nothing to actually get rid of the cold.  The cold is caused by a rhinovirus that lives in your nose under the right conditions it will become active and cause a cold.  No antibiotic will get rid of a virus, antibiotics only kill bacterial infections.  When you give your child an antibiotic for every little ailment you run a high risk.  When a doctor diagnoses you with a viral infection your bodies white blood cells go to work to overtake the virus that is what throws your body off.  There is a battle in your body.  When doctors realize you have a bacterial infection they prescribe what is called a Broad Spectrum antibiotic.  If you notice ampillicin seems to be the most prescribed antibiotic because it works for almost everything.  Over use will cause problems because your body then creates antibodies that work against the Broad Spectrum antibiotic.  Then you might be in trouble because then the doctor needs to find an antibiotic that is specific for your illness whatever it may be, which means blood tests, x-rays etc.  In other words more money.  We are all different and what works on me might not work on you.  Just a quick example, my husband is allergic to penicillin, I am not.  So, when it comes to taking care of infections it is much easier (and cheaper) to find the right antibiotic for me.  I won't take an antibiotic unless I have an infection a cold is not an infection but if you don't take care of the symptoms it can develop into an infection like bronchitis, strep throat, a sinus infection etc.  This is when you need to take an antibiotic.  The best way to keep this from happening is to contain any drippings.  Colds are very contagious so when you sneeze you need to make sure to cover your mouth and not with your hand you need a good tissue, like Kleenex.  Mucus from your nose needs to be cleaned often also with tissue and hands need to be washed if you can't wash then you can use an antibacterial cream like Kleenex antibacterial lotion.  I always carry antibacterial lotion in my purse.  I use it to clean toilet seats in public bathrooms,  it also works as a deodorant in a pinch.   I know I am against using things that are not for specific parts of your body but this is not going to cause any harm because of the part of the body we are talking about.

We know so much about the common cold, no cure but lots of ways to alleviate the symptoms of a cold.  I was pretty lucky growing up that I had three grandmothers.  My maternal, and a paternal grandmother and great grandmother.  Now, each had their little cures for the symptoms of a cold.  My maternal probably was on the best track with chicken soup and lots of juice.  My grandma suffered from severe depression and was not really able to cook.  My mother did the cooking but grandma was allowed to open a can of chicken noodle soup and heat it up and that is what she would do and make sure I was laying down in bed with plenty of water because she knew once you get a fever that is a sign of infection and time for an antibiotic.  Now, dad's side of the family had some pretty strange cures for a cold. My grandmother lived in the main house and my great grandmother lived in a little house next to my grandmother's.   My grandmother usually made me this really good tea with some herbs from her garden,  I finally figured it was lavender and basil it felt good because the steam unclogged my nose but wait now here comes the strange part.  She would then grab some more herbs and whack my body with them.  It didn't hurt it just kinda tickled..  Then here comes my great grandmother to get mad at her daughter saying she did not know anything.  Underneath her arm was a bottle of brandy.  She would get a small glass and put about and ounce of brandy in a small cup and told me to drink it.  Meantime, grandma and great-grandma start fighting till great grandma wins the fight saying she is everyone's mother and her daughter will shut up and leave her alone.  Then she kindly looks at me and says drink.  So, I drink and she says to drink it all at once, so I do.  Then coughing starts and I a smile comes upon my face great- grandma says you feel better, I say yes.  Then great-grandma grabs a box of Kleenex and walks me to bed and I go to sleep.  Then my parents pick me up and my father asks did grandma give her brandy and his mom says yes.  He laughs takes me home lays in my bed.  Mom comes in with some juice and roll of toilet paper.  I look at her and the toilet paper and she says that is for if you have to blow your nose.  What?  Toilet paper?  Take me back to the grandmas they have kleenex.  The funny thing is that I have the toilet paper and there is a roll of paper towels in my bathroom. 
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