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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Polish Day 63 Lancôme Gris Angora

I bought this polish to get over some I guess childhood bad memories of my dad shaming me about spending too much money on nail polish because I had gotten my first job was newly divorced but unfortunately staying at their home with three kids and their nanny.  My only splurge was a bottle of Lancôme nail polish or maybe two once a month.  I won’t get into all the details but it did make me change my nail polish and I never bought a bottle of Lancôme nail polish until I bought this one and let me tell you these people make the best polish.  I usually say OPI is best but I am wrong.  These polishes go on so smoothly,  they dry so fast no streaks and I didn’t even use a top coat.  I messed up a nail and tried to clean it with an orange stick but the polish was already dry.  I could not find one thing wrong with this polish but there are 2 things wrong with Lancôme one is that the bottle is  very small, it is $15.00 and they don’t have a vast array of colors.  I found only one color I liked  so I am probably going to go trade it for a duplicate polish I ordered.  Hopefully, they will have the color I want in the store but beside this color and this other one, the colors are just so plain.  Too bad.

lancome 12

lancome 11

lancome 5

lancome 9

lancoome 3

Hope I can get another bottle but sad that I will only have two bottles I guess it was not meant to be.