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Saturday, October 6, 2012

OPI Teasy Does It Day 1

Hi.  Today, I have an older OPI that I really like for winter.  It is like a coffee color when you get look at it closely it looks like you can see finely ground coffee in it.  I am pretty sure it is from the Hollywood collection that came out in the late 1990’s.  I like it so much I forgot I ordered it and have two of them.  My sister and daughter really benefit from my lax polish inventory skills.  I was really good at first but then it just got crazy and I lost track.  I told them maybe I should have a blog sale.  My sister said well before you sell anything let me see what you want to sell I will buy them for you.  I looked at her and rolled my eyes.  Like I would sell nail polish to my sister.  If I ever go to Ulta with her daughters the littlest goes and get a polish and says, “Aunt Patty can I have this one.”  I am always of course.  She is just so cute .  She is a little Patty.  Her older sisters just shake their heads.  So, I did freak out that I did have double of this polish then noticed I had several doubles of many polishes.  So, my sister and daughter will really benefit from it.  My daughter won’t like this one but my sister will and really this is a pretty color.  It has a little glitter and easy application and the color would go with everything except red.  So, this one is a no brainer for fall.   If you have already hang on to it and try it again.  If you don’t the new alternative would be Vampsterdam or the one from the German collection called something Oktoberfest.  Or if you are like me and like to collect older OPI’s check eBay or Amazon.  I am sure you can still find it.
So, that is my polish of the day.  I think I am going to start just showing a swatch of every nail polish I have,  I can go all year and have a different polish.  I forgot to say I was going to do that.