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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A braid and a ring

I have gained a whole new respect for Orly nail polish which is on sale until the end of the month 2 for $12.00.  I have visited twice this month.  So, with my two new polishes I  did a nail braid.  While I was at Sally’s I went to Charming Charlie's, I had never been there but I was looking around and noticed this ring it is one of those two finger rings put it on and it matched perfectly with my manicure.  I found a really cute hat too and bought that too.  So, when I got home I took pictures with the ring and I think it really looks great.  The colors I used were Orly Santé Fe and Close Your Eyes then I used Essie, Nothing but metals.  I learned one thing when forming braids always start with the lighter color because it won’t have to go over the dark color it will go over the metallic.  If you do a braid check it out an you will see what I mean.  I also recommend highly pigmented polish.  Ok. her is the braid and the ring.







So, I thought it was a pretty good match and accentuated the manicure itself.  I also love the way the colors look together.  Have you tried the new braiding trend?