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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Myra’s Meadow Stamped

The greatest thing about this manicure is that I discovered that Kleancolors nail polish Is great for stamping.   I had heard that the metallic were good for stamping so I tried them and they did work great so I ordered the 7 colors I did not have.  They just work perfect and are not flat.  They have some shimmer to them making stamping look different.  I am always glad when I can find a polish other than Konad to stamp with and I am really excited about this.  I found this out from my favorite YouTube guru.   her name is soguesswhat 11.  She really shares a lot with her audience and is a PRO at stamping.  So if you get a chance check her channel out she makes stamping look easy.  She is responsible for my beginning to stamp.  I would watch her channel and duplicate manicures until I was able to see patterns to stamp on my own.  She is a member of adventures in stamping and was on the other day and I just had to sing her praises.  So, if you don’t stamp and want to I highly suggest watching her channel and getting tips and how to’s from her. 
So for this manicure I used Myra’s Meadow as a base then stamped with Kleancolors Metallic Aqua, Metallic Yellow and Metallic Yellow.  I used my DRK-A plate.  By the way Ninja Polish is getting a DRK-C plate for pre-order if you are into stamping.







So, do you think I was able to get a good stamp using Kleancolors and do you like this manicure.    Don’t forget to vote on the poll.  And if you haven’t signed up for the giveaway you have two more days.  I think the prizes are really great. 
Ciao bellas,