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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


With the summer months coming to an end it seems like we are looking forward to wearing our new Fall polishes but some are just really not summer and too fall to wear right now.  So, some of the polishes you can look towards are neutrals.  Something like this one from Julep.  This one is called Allison from Julep.  It is described as an almond crème.  The formula is great and if you want you can stamp it with anything or just wear it alone because it really looks nice.  It does look a lot like Cuppa from butter London but this has more of a yellow tint.  So, this is a great polish to take you from summer to fall.  I don’t know about you all but for me it seems that summer really just flew by. 
alli2 (2)
You can find this polish on the Julep website.
Ciao for now,

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friday Night With Pueen

Usually on nights out I end up wearing something black.  Like tomorrow going to Temple I plan to wear a new black jumpsuit I got at Macy’s and you can wear any color but I tend to think neutrals, reds and just black goes best when wearing black so I decided to do this manicure.  I know you have seen it but in this case I used a darker neutral with a Pueen Plate that has three designs designed for this look.  I used Pueen plate 27 from the new set.  The set is really nice.  If you want to see a good review I recommend you watch my favorite YouTuber soguesswhat11 who does great reviews on stamping plates.  I used Klean Kolors Metallic to stamp.   Klean Kolors Metallics are great for stamping.  The neutral color I used was from my new Julep box.  I got the Boho box this month the polish name is Faye.  Then I topped with American Apparel Matte Top Coat but it more like the Essence Soft Effects.  It gives a semi matte look.  I ran out of my Essie which is a true Mattifier but I was pleased with the look.  Here are some more pictures.
So maybe next time instead of just wearing black you can try something like this.
Ciao bellas,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Products I Am Loving

 Over the holidays I ran out of my makeup.  I have been wearing MAC Studio Fix forever and a drig store brand that I use for whatever.  I got a sample of this Clinique Stay Matte Oil-free makeup and I loved it.  I tried the beauty balms but I need a little more coverage.  When I was 14  I was in a really bad car accident.  I lost my front teeth and was left with scars all over my face.  It was horrible especially because of my age.  I had two reconstructive surgeries over the next year achieve.  Remember we are talking 1979.  There is still some slight scarring if you look closely but I am always conscious of it.  That is why I need more coverage in my foundation than a balm can provide. This makeup is light as a feather goes on smoothly and provides medium to full coverage.  It does keep my skin matte where the MAC would get a little oily and I had to use blotting tissue.  Here is a tip,  bathroom liners work fantastic for blotting tissue.  I've used store bought and paper liners and I cannot tell the difference.  But this makeup stays on and doesn't make me look pastey.  I love it so far, we will have to see what happens during summer.  We have had some summer days and it held up but what would happen in 100 degrees.  I'll let you know in a couple of months.


The next thing is this mascara from Clinique.  It is called High Lengths Mascara.  I have short lashes and it does bring then out the only thing is that you need to use another mascara to volumize.


Here is a picture of the brush.


The Close up

The next thing I am loving the Essence color and go nail polishes.  They have great colors.  A great formula and at 1.99 what more do you want.  I buy mine at Ulta always with a coupon.


This is a color called I Love Bad Boys.


Here is a swatch of I Like Bad Boys.   I will do a full review next week.  It is just a nice powdery blue.  These polishes are great to use as undies for your precious indies.  Plus, they are fine to wear alone as I showed you in a post Day 60 Chic Reloaded.

The next thing is that I joined Julep.  I have heard their polish is really good and I had to them.  So, far,  I am pretty happy with them.  You take this test and it tells you what your style is I am classic with a twist so on the 20th of the month I think they send you an email and show you what is going to be in your box.  If you don't like it you can change it to another box if you don't want the box you can send it to someone or just cancel till the next month.  Certain bloggers have a badge that say become a maven for a penny that is what I did and by first box cost $5.00 for shipping.  Each month you pay $19.99 for a box.

This is the starter box.  Two polishes and a cuticle oil.






This is the first box I got.  It had three polishes a gel top coat.  Two chocolate hearts and this really cool little eyelash curler.  These colors are really pretty.  I will also review them next week.

Well those are just a few things.  I have a couple other new things I am trying and liking so watch for that post to come.
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