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Saturday, September 22, 2012


When I volunteered to do this assignment, I really thought it would be pretty easy but as I started reading I realized that I really didn’t think I had any pictures to do the assignment.  I knew I had one group of pictures I thought I could use to.  This made me realize how important lifeables could be.  After my second divorce, since I left the house I never went back in and lost all the pictures of my children when they were babies.  Most pictures were torn because I was in them and really not good to anyone.  My daughter has the pictures but it hurts her not to have full pictures of her mother and father together.  With the divorce rate higher than ever it is likely that she is not the only with torn pictures.  With lifeables you could keep and in tact photo albums for children whose parents out of selfishness destroy pictures.  I am not a saint and can’t say I haven’t torn pictures never thinking what was getting lost. 

This is my husband and his mother.  She was really into taking pictures and when we got married she gave me all his baby pictures, school pictures, report cards and a lot of discipline reports.  My parents were not like that.  I really don't remember taking many pictures other than the ones we took at school.  So, I guess as a mother I did not take that many pictures either.   It is sad.  I wish we would have but in using this program I did see advantages and disadvantages.  I really think it is geared toward families with children.  Yes,  my husband and I have five children between us but one grandchild died and his sister is seven.  Her father will have no more children.  My other son is 31 and isn't going to have children.  My daughter swears she does not want children and if she does she wants one that comes without a husband.   So, I won't even get to be much of a grandmother.  My husband's children have limited contact with us and no children there.  For a couple like us, we would find no use for this but my sister who has four growing children and has her camera ready for their first fart, she'd probably use it. One thing I did find about this program that was a negative for me was that since I had no children pictures to put in I kept getting kicked back to add a child.  It was a little annoying since it just made it that much more evident that I had only one or two pictures of my daughter.  There were some mishaps that happened while I was using it but I can't say for sure that it was the program.  I read some of the other reviews and no on mentioned having any problems so it might have been my lack of pictures.  It was somewhat frustrating for me.   I am going to show it to my sister and spread the word to people who have children of course but it does make me a little sad that we don't have children except of course at night when I just want to go to sleep, or if I want some silence.  Then I enjoy no children.  But hey, there are a lot of nieces and nephews to love, so we are happy with that.
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