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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bootie Babe is Back!

the long awaited return of the cute little bottles with the bootie shape is finally here.  I know I have waited a long time for this and when they became available to be honest I was a little disappointed because of price but more importantly a $5.00 shipping charge,  For the rest of the summer the polish is 33% off but you still have to pay shipping charges but the 33% off does defray the shipping.  They have several colors now, neutrals and even some holos.  This one in particular is a holo.  It is called Butt and Brickle.  There is a darker one called one that resembles this one but I went lighter.  The application was really smooth, fast to dry but did need three coats because of it’s color.  I got one other one a white holo and a lavender.  I haven’t swatched those yet but will do it as soon as I can so you can see them.   Meantime, you can buy Bootie Babe on their Facebook website.   Each bottle is $8.00 plus they are having a great giveaway. 


Besides the bottle being so cute I have to admit that this is a seriously sound polish buy.  With the darker colors on the older version there was a little staining but they wear well and are easy to use so don’t let the bottle fool you this is a really good product that just happens to come in a cute bottle.  So, check them out if you haven’t.
Ciao bellas,