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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friday Night With Pueen

Usually on nights out I end up wearing something black.  Like tomorrow going to Temple I plan to wear a new black jumpsuit I got at Macy’s and you can wear any color but I tend to think neutrals, reds and just black goes best when wearing black so I decided to do this manicure.  I know you have seen it but in this case I used a darker neutral with a Pueen Plate that has three designs designed for this look.  I used Pueen plate 27 from the new set.  The set is really nice.  If you want to see a good review I recommend you watch my favorite YouTuber soguesswhat11 who does great reviews on stamping plates.  I used Klean Kolors Metallic to stamp.   Klean Kolors Metallics are great for stamping.  The neutral color I used was from my new Julep box.  I got the Boho box this month the polish name is Faye.  Then I topped with American Apparel Matte Top Coat but it more like the Essence Soft Effects.  It gives a semi matte look.  I ran out of my Essie which is a true Mattifier but I was pleased with the look.  Here are some more pictures.
So maybe next time instead of just wearing black you can try something like this.
Ciao bellas,