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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Have Been Cheating

Yes, I have been cheating on my beloved Lemony Flutter.  I kept seeing everyone's beautiful nails and noticed how everyone's cuticles were just so pretty.  So, I tried many things that actually were doing more harm than good.  I tried a cuticle pumice stone.  That was the worst.  My nails started breaking.  I started using Sally Hansen's Cuticle remover, the one in the blue bottle and it seemed like I had more problems.  I just did not go as far as cutting.  But my cuticles looked like crap.  So, I just stopped and literally slept with Neosporin in on my cuticles and band aids.  I had to do something.  So, I heard that Blue Cross and Blue Shield Cuticle remover was pretty good, so I tried it and instead of using anything to scrape the cuticles off, I just got a nail brush and bought this soap called sand stone from Lush. 
Now, my cuticles started to heal so, I started using the Dior cuticle crème and did notice changes in a week's time.  The problem with this crème is that if you don't use it for a day or two your cuticles start to react by peeling, at least that is what happened to me.  It is a great product but it is expensive, $24.00 for a little jar 10 grams but you only need a little bit every night.  I still use either Lush's Helping Hands or Handy Guguru. 

I first felt so guilty but when I did notice a difference.  I wanted to see if I would get the same results with Lemony Flutter the results were close except for me it took longer to get them in the condition they were in with Lemony Flutter but their is one advantage to Lemony Flutter, it seems like you can miss a day and you are not at square one.  Lemony Flutter costs about $18.00 but you get 45 grams.
I do tend to use a little more Lemony Flutter than the Dior because the Dior is just loaded with emollients.  Lemony Flutter just has a very different consistency.  The Dior turns almost to an oil consistency once you put it on and you need just a tiny amount.  It does not have any odor like Lemony Flutter, which a lot of people complain about.  Personally, I love the smell. 
So, what am I using right now the Dior but I still keep my Lemony Flutter which I use once during the day.  I just can't stop Lemony Flutter.   I think even though the Dior is so good I will never give up Lemony Flutter.  I have just always been Lemony Flutter's Cheerleader, I had to confess that there are other cuticle crème's that work just as well even a little better.  So, that is all I have to say about that.  You can look up reviews on the Dior Crème and probably won't find a bad one although most people do complain about the price.
Ciao for now,