Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad Deborah Lippman

This is another Lippman I won in an eBay auction.  I  really like it.  I used two coats but after looking at the pictures I could tell it needed another coat but it still is a beautiful color.  The formula was great not too thick like Lippman’s usually are. 





This is a great wine color.  I can’t wait to wear it on a cold winter day. Well at least as cold as it can get in Houston.
Ciao bellas,

OPI Abbey Rose

I first liked this color because I thought it was Abbey Road.  Nope Abbey Rose but I still liked it so much when I saw it on an eBay auction with no bids.  I bid and won it with no problem.  I paid and got it right away.  I think it is going to be a great fall color.  The formula is smooth and I didn’t have any problems not even opening it.  It was a two coater and no problems at all.


Add caption

After painting I knew the exact stamp I wanted to stamp on it Looks like the cheetah print but it isn’t.  I stamped in black ink  using my DRK-A plate.





So, it stamped pretty well and I liked the outcome.  It is just not wild and very office friendly if you work in an office.
Ciao for now,

A braid and a ring

I have gained a whole new respect for Orly nail polish which is on sale until the end of the month 2 for $12.00.  I have visited twice this month.  So, with my two new polishes I  did a nail braid.  While I was at Sally’s I went to Charming Charlie's, I had never been there but I was looking around and noticed this ring it is one of those two finger rings put it on and it matched perfectly with my manicure.  I found a really cute hat too and bought that too.  So, when I got home I took pictures with the ring and I think it really looks great.  The colors I used were Orly Santé Fe and Close Your Eyes then I used Essie, Nothing but metals.  I learned one thing when forming braids always start with the lighter color because it won’t have to go over the dark color it will go over the metallic.  If you do a braid check it out an you will see what I mean.  I also recommend highly pigmented polish.  Ok. her is the braid and the ring.







So, I thought it was a pretty good match and accentuated the manicure itself.  I also love the way the colors look together.  Have you tried the new braiding trend?


Models Own Beetlejuice Collection II

If I was to tell you how long it took me to get these three polishes you would think I am crazy.  First I ordered one from the website but I did not put that I lived in the US so they were looking for my address in the UK.  So, once again I ordered the other two and did put US but when I went to get the receipt it said UK.  I emailed and told them that the address was wrong and they said no problem.  This went on for two months.  I ended up cancelling the order and ordered from Ninja Polish  because the have Model’s Own.  Now the modelsownit website has all the Model's Own colors but when you convert euro to dollars shipping is like $20.00.   The best thing to do there is get a group of girls who want to order something you can’t get on Ninja Polish website and split shopping.  If anyone ever wants to do that please contact me and I will gladly do that.  Or you might get an email from me if I see something I really want.  Ok, I ordered one from Ninja Polish because they were sold out of the other one I wanted so, I left an email me when in stock.  As soon as they got it I ordered right away.   Got it last week.  So now I am going to show it to you.  Let me tell you these colors are really pretty and so worth the money which isn’t that much if you order from Ninja they are $18.00 not including shipping.  Talking about that.  I was bad last night.  I ordered 3 Ludurana polishes last night.  I only need 3 to complete the whole collection.  But I am going to end up ordering some OPI’s maybe.  Driving me crazy. 

Ok, here is the one that took me the longest to get and you will see why.  it is a light blue with a pink and lavender shimmer.  I did use OPI’s I Have a Herring Problem very lightly for panties.




The second one reminds me of Ludurana  Cyan/Gold.  In the bottle it looks totally different that what actually comes out it is called Copper Gold.





The third is called Tropical Sun.  It just kind of sat there and I won't even curious about it but when I put it on I was like WOW.  I love this one.  It is like a combo of peach and pink.  All the formulas were smooth and dry pretty fast.  But I really don’t know whether it is a fall color.





Then I just couldn’t help but stamp.




So, there is my complete beetlejuice II collection.  I have half of one but I am not crazy about some of the other colors so it it not a complete set.

Kimber’s Challenge Day 14 Flowers

Today our challenge is flowers.  We girls all love flowers.  They mean something,  “I love you” or “I am sorry” or “Baby,you rocked my world last night”.  What really irritates me is that they never seem to remember what your favorite flowers are.  On my anniversary with year my husband calls me and asks me what my favorite flowers are.  I am just like oh I guess I know what I am getting so I tell him sterling silver roses or shasta daisies.  Why can’t he remember?  So we meet for dinner and there he is with daisies.  Sterling silver roses are really hard to get with out a day or two order so I know he hasn’t thought this out much.  My first husband was good at remembering because he would call my best friend and ask her.  His flowers always came with an “I’m sorry”.   My second husband always just bought what he liked he was pretty selfish hence the two divorces.  I feel like this is a swan song because fall is now upon us and we will be doing more wintery manicures.  I did a pink and blue gradient and glued some dried flowers that I finally got yesterday after ordering them over a month ago.  Hope you like.






So, what ever the reason for flowers do  you have a favorite flower?
Ciao bellas,

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Butter London Knackered and an Ulta Announcement

This is Knackered.  I am sure you have seen it on so many website by now you are tired of it but I want to say it is very different than the pictures.  The formula was very thin and it took three coats just to get this color.  I like it while a lot of the reviews have been bad, so why did I buy it because I wasn’t sure I wanted anything else.  Surprisingly my favorite of my Butter London haul was Macbeth.  I love it.  I was reading The Polish Jinx’s blog and she shows so many different lines coming out from Butter London drooling.  Now on 10/5 Ulta will have their Butter London’s buy 2 get one free.  It might be all month.  I will find out tomorrow and give you an update.  OPI is buy 2 polish get 1 top or base coat free.  They used to have buy 2 OPI’s get one free but I haven’[t seen those days in two years.  So they do have two new colors one is a medium teal and the other is a light brown the teal is called Sprog and the brown one is called Teetotaler.  Dillard's has exclusives, Macy’s has exclusives and Nordstrom’s has exclusives.  . I knows I don’t have the inside scoop but I tell you what I’ll find out somehow. So there are a lot to chose from or they might be getting ready to get rid of some of the older colors and it might be time to buy those ones that you keep saying I’ll get it later.   Ulta also has a 5.00 coupon on the cover and if you don’t get the Ulta catalog you can print the coupon off the internet.  Shit, I print about five or six a month.  .So, take advantage of that little tidbit 




So, are you going to take advantage of the Butter London sale or are you just not a fan?
Ciao bellas,

I Know it Is after Labor Day but……

Ok, it' after labor day but I have been working on this manicure for around three weeks because I don't have an anchor on any of the many plates I have so today, I got a notification from ninja polish ( where I did find a stamp for an anchor that the plate was in, but they got a whole bunch of polish I want so what is a girl to do? I am getting the polish because I won't need an anchor again and if I do, I'll know where to get it next year. So, here is my little interpretation of nautical nails.






I have always liked the nautical look but next year I am going to prepare earlier and have a stamp to do the anchor.  You can tell on the right thumb it is a little messy.   I tried not show it but oh, well it is what is is.

Ciao bellas.

Friday, September 28, 2012

a-England Never Disappoints

I must say a-England never disappoints me. They offer such a superior product, I am so glad they came out with this new line. I've been dying to post them but we had a computer problem, then an Internet problem and worse of all, I lost ALL my manicures I had saved on the computer, because the other laptop did not need to break no the one I use to post my blogs did. I know I should have backed them up but I just didn't. I don't think there was anything in there that I can't recreate. Most were swatches of Essie's Metallics Line. I got two from the Gothic mythical collection. I love them both. I have the Mythical line and most of the Legends Line. There are only five in this collection so expect to see the other three later. I was just really down last week and I am seeing the effects this week as every day I get packages. I tend to do that when I get a litttle depressed but I wasn't that depressed as I was sick with an ear ache that I get onec a year and it takes me out for a week or so because I can't walk. This week I have just been like doing something everyday. I have really been working on the polish room I need two more shelves which I'll get this weekend. Plus I had to go see my doctor who has put me on a strict sleep medication regimen. So, it seems like everything has been pretty chaotic. Painting my nails is really relaxing and I haven't done a lot of that. My bedtime has to be 2:00 am. I am breaking it right now but I just have to post these pictures. So, here they go.
The first one is Jane Eyre. It is the color of a Bordeaux. It reminds me of Lincoln Park After Dark with some za za zoom because of the flecks of color.  

    This one is Dorian Gray and I just love the color it is going to be a great neutral this fall/winter. It can be worn with any color.
dorian gray 1 (2)
dorian gray 1
dorian gray
dorian gray 1 (2)
       There are more pictures of Jane Eyre and Dorian Gray. I hope you like them they are excellent polishes. You can get them at several sites a-England, Overall Beauty, Llarowe and Ninja Polish. Just keep an eye out for promotions or who has the lowest price and shipping because different sites have them priced differently.

 Well, Ciao, for now,